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Measure Your Dog

Here are a few suggestions for taking accurate measurements:

*If you can, find someone to help you; This person can help support the dog in a standing position while you measure.

*Although taking the measurements while standing is preferred, if you can’t find someone to help you, then you can take the measurements with your dog laying down.

*A metal tape measure like the one in the pictures works great for height, length, and width measurements.

*Use a soft tape for the girth measurements.

*For measurements D and E, a more accurate measurement can be taken if you place two flat items on either side of your dog’s hips and shoulders, and measure the distance straight across.


Click here to open a printable measuring guide

Or follow visual guide below


A. Rear Height (top of hips to floor)

B. Front Height (top of shoulders to floor)

C. Length (behind front leg to center point of thigh)

D. Width Across Hips 

E. Width Across Shoulders

F. Circumference Around Chest (behind front legs)

G. Circumference Around Abdomen (in front on rear legs)

H. Circumference Of Upper Rear Thigh ( please take the measurement as high up the leg as possible)

Additional Measurements Needed For Full Support and Front Wheel Wheelchairs:

I. Circumference Of Upper Front Leg (high up where leg meets the body)

J. Inside Width ( between armpit to armpit)

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