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We offer three types of pet wheelchairs to help your dog be mobile again. We offer a Rear Support Wheelchair for dogs who have strong front legs, but need support in the hind legs. A Front Support Wheelchair is for dogs who have strong rear legs, but need support in the front legs. Our third design is a Full Support Wheelchair for dogs who have all over weakness, or who are rehabilitating from surgery.

If you’re not sure where to start in the ordering process, or which design might be best for your dog, we have lined it out in a three easy steps.

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Step 1. Evaluate your dog. This step will help you determine which design is best suited for your dog’s needs. Click here for evaluation guidance.

Step 2. Measure your dog. Click here for instructions for proper measurements.

Step 3. Follow this link when you are ready to place your order. We have a fully integrated online ordering system with secure checkout. ORDER HERE . We will confirm your order and answer further questions via phone or email.

If you still have questions, we would love to speak with you on the phone. We can talk and get to know you and your dog. If you are having difficulties taking measurements, we can help you through that process. If you’re just not sure which category your dog fits into, we can help you determine this too.

And don’t worry, if you do not like to order products online, we will gladly take your order over the phone.

Wheelchairs will be shipped through UPS Ground, unless specified otherwise. Custom orders are built and shipped within 7-10 business days, with the exception of Full Support Wheelchairs, which can take up to 2 weeks.