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Ruff Heat Therapy Wrap Rice Bag

Bone Heat Therapy Wrap


inner muslin bag

Inner Muslin Bag

Ruff Heat Therapy Wrap Rice Bag

Ruff Heat Therapy Wrap Rice Bag

Heat Therapy Wrap for your aging or handicapped dog, provides moist heat that improves circulation, and eases muscle pain and stiffness.

The Ruff Heat Therapy Wrap is 100% cotton filled with aromatherapy rice in a flavor that you choose. Outer (washable) bag is a soft flannel in fun designs and multiple sizes. Inner bag is muslin, and is filled with rice and a light aromatherapy. Rice is lightly scented to accommodate a dog’s heightened sense of smell.

Rice absorbs moisture from the air as it’s heated. Moist heat therapy is very beneficial to an arthritic dog. Moist heat penetrates deep into muscles, relieving pain and stiffness, and improving circulation.

Additional information

Desired Size Bone

Medium Bone 14.5" $26, Large Bone 19.5" $32

Desired Color Scheme

Male, Female, Surprise Me!

Desired Aromatherapy

Lavender (soothing), Tropicana (energizing), No Scent