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Cool Ultra Paws Boots Blue

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Cool Ultra Paws Boots Blue

Cool Ultra Paws Boots Blue

50% OFF SALE! Price is per pair

Made with a breathable mesh. Deflects up to 75 degrees F (24 degrees C) surface temperature away from your dog’s paw. Designed for protection from hot surfaces – sidewalks, concrete, streets, boats, docks and sand.

Ideal for dragging paws. Easy to put on. Stays on!!


• Ergonomically designed

• Stays on – guaranteed!

• Rugged, flexible, super-grip sole 

• Ideal for larger dogs

• Protection outdoors

• Available in six sizes

Available in six sizes: Petite 1 1/4″ width; X-Small 1 3/4″ width; Small 2 1/4″ width; Medium 2 3/4″ width; Large 3 1/4″ width; XLarge 4″ width

To measure your dog’s foot for boots, place his or her foot on a piece of paper on the floor, and trace around the foot. Measure the width of the drawing, and we will help you determine the size at that time.

To extend the life of the boot use Shoe Goo®, original formula adhesive and sealant, to seal tears in the sole or seams of the boots that will naturally occur with use. Available at most hardware stores.

Additional information

Desired Size Boot

Petite 1 1/4" $21.00, X-Small 1 3/4" $21.00, Small 2 1/4" $21.00, Medium 2 3/4" $21.00, Large 3 1/4" $21.00, X-Large 4" $21.00