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Traction Boot for Dog

Ultra Paws Traction Boots for Small Breeds



This is the best boot that we have found for the tiny tiny feet, all the down to 1″ width!! THEY STAY ON, and although they are made of fleece, they are still nice and breathable and provide the protection that your pups feet need, while providing traction to prevent slipping.


  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Stays on – guaranteed! 
  • Generous super-grip patch on sole provides traction to prevent slipping 
  • Keeps paws warm and protected with high quality fleece

Available in Three sizes: XX-Petite 1″width; Petite 1 1/4″ width; X-Small 1 1/5″ width

Price includes one pair of traction boots

Additional Information

Desired Size Traction

XX- Petite 1″ $10, X-Petite 1 1/4″ $10, Petite 1 1/2″ $10