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Young Living Essential Oils for Dogs

Young Living Essential Oils




Young Living Essential Oils target wellness solutions to empower you to dodge harmful chemicals and annoying side effects caused by pharmaceuticals. These oils are meant to be a tool to maximize your body’s own natural healing power. Pure, therapeutic grade, and save for pets! In addition, Young Living's new dietary line is labeled as save for ingestion.


Itchy Dog? Try Lavender

Stinky Dog? Try Purification

Hot Spots? Try a combo of Lavender, Frankincense and Rosemary

Need to repel insects? Try a combo of Peppermint and Purification

Got achy joints? Try a combo of Frankincense and Panaway

Anxious Dog? Try Stress Away or Lavender



***I am not a doctor, nor can I diagnose or treat your dog's ailments. But I can guide you in your quest to find a more natural solution to your dog's every day issues. I follow The Animal Desk Reference, written by Holistic Veterinarian, Melissa Shelton DVM. Melissa wrote her book, based solely on using Young Living Essential OilsBy following guidance with common sense, Young Living Essential Oils can be a safe and effective alternative to traditional medicine.***

Please use these oils safely for your pets. These oils need to be diluted properly for each type of animal and weight. FULL INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE SHIPPED WITH EVERY PURCHASE, but please ask me for help if you are unsure Don't see something you want? I can special order it for you. Please email me and we can find you what you are looking for.

So let's talk about what these beautiful bottles of oils are all about!


  • Lavender- This oil is one of the most synthetically created and adulterated essential available on the market. Very few bottles of lavender oil are pure enough to be called medical grade, or qualify for use in animals. In addition, most are aromatherepy grade only. Lavender is very mild and can used in the most fragile of cases. It is great for skin conditions, muscular concerns, and calming effects. 

  • Purification-Purification is a blend containing Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Myrtle. This blend is awesome at eliminating odors! We use this in our home in a blend with Thieves and baking powder to spread on doggie and kitty accidents. I also diffuse this blend to eliminate cooking odors. Works amazing in animals shelters and hospitals where odors permeate. Can also be used as a natural bug repellant! 

  • Thieves-Thieves is a  blend with Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. Thieves has  incredible immune boosting properties. I also use this blend with Purification for smelly carpets. It is also a great “purging” oil, indicated for abcesses that need to be pushed out, particularly for groomers who get tiny pieces of hair embedded into the skin. Eww! 

  • Stress Away-This blend contains Copaiba, Line, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea, and Lavender. Got a scaredy-cat? I mean dog? This blend is excellent for stressful situations. Diffuse in a room when introducing new animals. Or pet down the spine to improve mental response and promote relaxation. 

  • Frankincense-When in doubt, reach for the Frankincense. It is one of the most widely used oils in the animal world. Very safe and well tolerated. Frankincense in the animal world in considered a “life force” oil, used in some of the most critical cases. Frankincense is an excellent oil to diffuse in times of transition and death. An excellent oil to use for achy joints and when your dog has “overdone” it. 

  • Copaiba-Another powerhouse oil! It is highly anti-inflammatory, replacing NSAIDS. Also used in many, many conditions, Copaiba is known as a magnifier oil. If you add Copaiba to any oil, it will magnify the effects of the other oil. I love that!

Young Living Essential Oils Dilution Chart for Pets

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Lavender 5ml $15.36, Lavender 15ml $30.92, Purification 15ml $24.67, Thieves 5ml $19.08, Thieves 15ml $44.41, Stress Away 15ml $39.14, Frankincense 5ml $39.14, Copaiba 15ml $56.58