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Amy, Jim, Elizabeth, Grace, and Louise

It is with heavy heart that we inform you of Louise’s passing on Sunday evening. She lived a wonderful long life (12 years) and there is no doubt that her sweet heart would have left this world many many months ago if it had not been for the mobility that Ruff Rollin provided her. She has not walked on her own in two years. For the first few months of her infirmary, we took her around the neighborhood in a wheelbarrow. It was something, but was not anything that would keep her healthy and alive. We were blessed to discover Ruff Rollin after much internet search and since February of 2011 with the help of her “bike”, she has been rollin around the neighborhood, taking road trips, swimming in lakes and enjoying life. She is now running free but she will always be thankful for the life that you afforded her.

With great appreciation