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“Now it’s like he’s (Tidbit) got legs again!! he can’t wait to get in it. he flies around the house like he’s on a sled going downhill. you can tell how much of a better fit it is! it’s actually perfect. He is learning to really love his chair. he runs around the house like speed racer to find the treats that I hide. Its very cute! I’ll be honest I was really questioning whether whether or not I had made the right decision at the vet’s office. he was looking so sad all the time and his quality of life just wasn’t there. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for making such a difference in his life. I cried when I opened the box and that doesn’t happen very often! I’m a business owner as well and I want you to know you guys have the best customer service ever and the best chair on the market today. You guys are the best. Tidbit wants you to know that he is one satisfied customer!!!!  :-)