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Here’s a testimonial from Sierra Veterinary Specialists, in Reno, NV.

After using the Ruff Wraps for the past 3 months I feel they are great quality and truly make moist heat therapy for our patients safer and easier than other methods.  Some owners want to use electrical heating pads which should never be an option for a pet as you are dealing with an electrical wire and unsure of the heat.  Prior to using the Ruff Wraps we used the gel heat pads and uneven heating in the microwave was a big concern.
Beyond their many uses and safety, I love the customer service I always receive with Ruff Rollin’.  I couldn’t be happier and all of my clients that have used them so far are very satisfied!
Dawn Gleason, DVM, CCRP




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“If I could have taken a picture of the sparkle in my dog (GSDX) Mindy’s eyes when she realized that those wheels where giving her the freedom to move, run and play ball again, it would have said it all! She had become depressed because of her Degenerative Myelopathy and was not able to chase squirrels or play ball anymore and Ruff Rollin’ changed all that for her. She was sick for 1.5years with DM and she used her wheels for the last 9 months of her life and you could have sworn they were as good as her legs. It made the last months of her life humane, comfortable and fun. It was totally worth the investment. She outlived the usual prognosis of 6 months and I am sure that her happiness with the wheels as well as her natural treatment contributed greatly to this. We miss her greatly but we are comforted that we did the best we could with her until the very end. I highly recommend Ruff Rollin’ – they took the time to answer all my questions and Sierra was very patient and caring. And the wheels are very well made – we received many compliments by neighbors – she truly was a very cool dog!” Nancy Brandsma, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

]]> Wheelchairs for Handicapped Dogs Blog: Our wheelchairs are convertible http://www.ruffrollin.com/blog/07/10/our-wheelchairs-are-convertible/ http://www.ruffrollin.com/blog/07/10/our-wheelchairs-are-convertible/ Thu, 10 Jul 2014 03:23:53 +0000 All of our Rear Support Wheelchairs are convertible into a Full Support Design. The typical case where this might happen is with a progressive disease such as degenerative myelopathy.


Degenerative myelopathy of dogs is a slowly progressive, non-inflammatory, and painless, degeneration of the myelin sheath that surrounds the spinal cord. It is most commonly seen in German Shepherds and Welsh Corgis, although is occasionally recognized in other breeds such as Boxers The cause is unknown, although genetic factors are suspected.


The early onset usually occurs later than age 5 and usually begins with a slight knuckling over of the rear feet. You will usually start to notice the toenails starting to wear a little sooner than usual. The knuckling over is due to an inability to sense where the limbs are in space. Some other signs seen during the early stages are progressive weakness in the rear legs, or tremors. You might also notice loss of muscle in the rear legs and difficulty rising. The most common symptom that we see in our DM patients that we fit for a wheelchair for the rear legs is the drunken gait.


During the early stages of DM are the most common times to use a dog wheelchair for assistance. A dog with rear limb weakness will often develop front limb weakness due to compensatory strain. In addition, during the early stages of DM stress and pain are not involved, and the help of a Rear Support Dog Wheelchair to support the rear legs, can improve the quality of life profoundly and limit the front limb strain noted.


Despite the improved quality of life that a dog wheelchair can provide during the early stages of DM, this disease is progressive, and will eventually effect the front limbs. You will start to notice a little more stress and anxiety in your dog. Be sure to keep your own stress level managed, as this can speed up the progression of this scary disease.  Speak with your vet, and develop a plan for managed care, such as vitamin supplementation and physical therapy.


If, at this point, you and your vet should decide that your dog still has a strong desire to be mobile, and there is no pain involved, we can speak with you about putting a front end extension onto your current Rear Support Dog Wheelchair. The front end extension has a front support saddle, and a second set of wheels, with turning castors. See the Full Support Wheelchair page for more information.




]]> Wheelchairs for Handicapped Dogs Blog: payment plan available http://www.ruffrollin.com/blog/07/08/payment-plan-available/ http://www.ruffrollin.com/blog/07/08/payment-plan-available/ Tue, 08 Jul 2014 03:04:52 +0000 Do you need a wheelchair for your dog but can’t afford the payment all at once? American’s cannot afford healthcare for their children, let alone for their beloved dogs. If you have a dog that needs a wheelchair, or know someone that does, we would like to share a little love. Ruff Rollin’ wants to offer a payment plan for you if you want to give your dog a better life, but can’t afford it all in one payment. We take half down at the time of the order. Then in two week increments, we will charge two more payments, with the whole balanced being paid in full in 30 days. Of course, we will keep a credit card on file for the transactions. We know it isn’t a lot, but it might save you a little money up front. And no applications required! We hope this helps in your decision process, and gives you a little more comfort at this time. Thanks for stopping at Ruff Rollin.com!