Hand Built Custom Dog Wheelchairs

You want what is best for your best friend and Ruff Rollin’ has your back! We build a custom, unique wheelchair for dogs with disabilities to improve their quality of life and get them moving. Ruff Rollin’ is a family owned company founded in the heart of the Northern Rockies, in Montana. Each dog wheelchair is custom designed and hand built with the highest quality standards. Our adjustable, lightweight dog wheelchairs all have a lifetime warranty and fit dogs of all shapes and sizes. We are committed to one thing; we will provide you and your dog with the best possible experience during this difficult time.

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Our Custom Dog Carts Are Unique?  See Our Key Features Here:

  • Each dog wheelchair is hand built with pride in Montana, USA.
  • Guaranteed fit, custom built to fit your dog.
  • Each wheelchair is designed to accommodate the needs of your dog.
  • Superior design and construction.
  • We use the highest quality materials without cutting any corners on quality.
  • Lifetime warranty on wheelchair frame.
  • Made to withstand even the most active dog.
  • Fully adjustable and lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum.
  • We love your dog!

Sizing & Configuration

small dog wheelchairs

Wheelchair For Small Dogs

It can be challenging to find the right size chair for your pet. The ‘one size fits most’ approach that dominates the market can be problematic, and there should be no room for error when it comes to the safety of your best friend. That is why our pet wheelchair is custom measured to fit your pup. With our handy measuring guide, we ensure the perfect fit every time or your money back.

We’ve built quality canine wheelchairs for a wide variety of small breeds including Chihuahuas, Papillons, Corgis, Fisrench Bulldogs, and Pugs. No matter the breed, Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchairs are built custom with your pet in mind. Wouldn’t you love to see your friend enjoying life more fully? Give your pet the support they deserve with a quality, durable, made-to-fit, custom dog wheelchair.

large dog wheelchairs

Wheelchair For Large Dogs

Finding a wheelchair sturdy enough for large breeds can be difficult; big dogs can put a lot of strain on a wheel chair due to their size and energy. Ruff Rollin’ knows that dogs just want to be dogs, and that’s why we build quality k9 wheelchairs that are able to withstand even the rowdiest of playtimes.

Built to suit your pet’s unique needs, our doggy wheelchairs are hand-built with the highest quality materials that we guarantee will last or we replace the part for free. Our wheelchairs have given a new lease on life to German Shepherds, Boxers, Huskies, Pitbulls, and even a 180lb St. Bernard! Give your best friend their freedom back with the best pet wheelchair on the market.

front support wheelchair

Dog Front Wheelchair

Would your pet benefit from a front-support wheelchair? We got that covered. We can build a handicap wheelchair for pups just like yours. Our front support wheelchair is made to order, ensuring that we are addressing your pet’s exact needs. A traditional adjustable wheelchair can’t always be trusted to support a specific injury — Ruff Rollin’ promises to do just that. We want your pet to be up and moving as soon as possible, and our quality chairs make sure they stay mobile.

A front Support wheelchair are best built for young dogs born with congenital defects, young amputees, and for rehabilitation after surgery or an injury.

full support wheelchair

Full Support Dog Wheelchairs

Is your dog uniquely disabled? The Ruff Rollin’ pet mobility experts can custom build a full support wheelchair for dogs with any special need, including pet mobility quad carts with front and hind legs support. We recognize that all dogs are disabled differently, and specific disabilities render an adjustable wheelchair unusable. This is why we make full-support pet wheelchairs that can be fitted to help with mobility issues, provide full-support and address a specific injury or a major deformity (including hip dysplasia arthritis, legs are paralyzed). We know that nothing would make you happier than to see your best friend happy and healthy. Our wheel chairs grant them the mobility to live life fully, just like any other fur baby. Contact us for more details.

A full-support wheelchair works great for dogs that have had a stroke or an amputation and those with congenital defects, Wobblers Syndrome, and neurological disorders. They are especially great for rehabilitation after surgery.

rear support wheelchair

Dog Wheels For Back Legs

A common disability among canines is paralysis of the dog’s rear legs. We custom design and build pet mobility wheels for dogs that only need this rear leg support. Rear support wheelchairs can be designed to fit your pet’s specific injury or deformity, allowing them freedom in their movements. Give your pet the gift of mobility and improve their quality of life with a custom wheelchair from Ruff Rollin’.

These chairs are designed for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy, spinal injuries, fractures, cruciate ligament injuries, and much more. Call our customer support now for details.

Get The Right Wheelchair For Dogs

We are recognized as one of the leading providers for a k9 wheelchair in the United States and are one of only a few manufacturers of a custom cart. Our wheelchair is made specifically with your k9 in mind and, with exact measurements and hand-built products, we guarantee the best fit and quality materials or your money back.

The quality, design, and function of a k9 wheelchair will determine how positive your dog’s experience will be. A Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair is endorsed by veterinarians, physical therapists, and most importantly, your pet. Pets in Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchairs can be seen in all 50 states, and 24 countries!

We build a durable wheelchair for pets with a range of disabilities. And we don’t just make chairs for k9’s; Ruff Rollin’ manufactures custom chairs for a variety of animals including cats, goats, and even mini horses. You name it, and we can build it!

The health and happiness of your pet is important to you and to us. We know how hard it is to watch a dog miss out on some of life’s most exciting adventures because of a disability. We are here to give you and your pet the freedom to live without barriers and to get the most out of your time together.

custom dog wheelchair

How To Measure For Your Dogs Custom Wheelchair

In order to properly fit the custom wheelchair to the specific needs of your pet, we first need to get your dog’s measurements. The basic measurements needed are: Rear Height, Front Height, Length, Width Across Hips, Width Across Shoulders, Circumference Around Chest (behind front legs), Circumference Around Abdomen (in front on rear legs), and the Circumference of Upper Rear Thigh. Specific details about these measurements and more can be found by visiting the measurements page.

We will hand build a custom designed wheelchair, built only for your dog. We also understand that measuring a disabled dog is not an exact science, so there is a degree of adjustment to ensure a proper fit. Our designs include a Rear Support Wheelchair, Front Support Wheelchair, and a Full Support Wheelchair. Please refer to Evaluating Your Dog to determine which design is best for you and your dog or call us with any questions (877) 390-7833.

A Unique Hand Built Wheel Cart For Dogs

When it comes to quality and fit, nothing beats a Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchair for Dogs. Unlike the common adjustable wheel carts, our disabled k9 wheelchair is uniquely built with your pet in mind. Our ‘Ruff Rollin’ Difference’ ensures your k9 will fit comfortably, move freely, and thrive in our custom-built chairs.

We hand construct our wheelchair with a combination of aircraft grade aluminum, as well as a very durable, high-density plastic. The result is a very strong, lightweight frame. Your wheelchair will come with a lifetime warranty on the frame of the wheelchair, as well as the wheels. The frame is made with the highest quality aluminum, as well as the highest quality plastic.

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Why Choose A Custom Built Dog Wheelchair?

At Ruff Rollin’, our wheelchairs are hand built to fit your k9’s needs, weight, and activity level. Our wheel chairs are not “one size fits all.” Your dog will receive a lightweight, durable wheelchair that includes a lifetime warranty and a guaranteed fit. We will also customize it to suit your dog’s measurements or disability. Our easy to follow measuring guide will help you take accurate measurements. We will assess the measurements and make sure they fit the weight and breed of your dog. We’ve looked at thousands of measurements over the years, so we can help guide you through that process as well.

We know that measuring a disabled dog is a work of art, so we will incorporate an adequate amount of adjustability in your pet wheelchairs (Some really small breeds will not receive a lot of adjustment due to the small size of the frame). Yes, we have built wheels for really small dogs. Our smallest wheelchair to date was for a 1 1/2 lb Yorkie! If you need help fitting your k9 for a wheelchair, we are here for you every step of the way. We can take your order over the phone and help you with measurements or you can request your brand new, custom-fitted wheel cart for your k9 through our online store and we will get in touch!

Learn About Getting Wheels For Your Dog

Want to know more about our work and process? Take a scroll through our site to see wheel carts we’ve built, customer success stories, and our commitment to quality in product and customer service.

Still want to know more? Give us a call (877) 390-7833! We’d love to talk your ear off about what we do, why we do it, and how we can help you and your best friend get rollin’. We know how much you love your dog, and we cannot wait to help both of you live a happier and healthier life.

Order A K9 Wheelchair For Your Pet Today

Ready to get started? Go to our shop to order a custom wheelchair for your dog today! Have questions before you order? Give us a ring and we will help answer your questions and walk you through your order.

Ordering for another pet? We do custom carts for all types of animals. Check out our gallery to see our wheelchairs made for cats, goats, mini horses, and more! If you are ordering for any animal other than a dog, please call us at (877) 390-7833 and we will take your order over the phone.