Minion is in need of a dog wheelchair

Please consider a donation and help us purchase a wheelchair for Minion. A fund has been set up called Second Chances, to help with purchasing wheelchairs for families in need. Should more money come in, we will be purchasing more wheelchairs as the need for affordable wheelchairs is HUGE!

On January 1st of this year, Minion, a 6 year old Pit Bull Terrier, slipped on the ice in Colorado, and suffered a spinal cord injury. Minion is in need of a dog wheelchair not only for his own mobility, but for his person’s own fight for life. His human mom, Desi, was given 3-6 months to live in 2013 due to a diagnosis of stage 4 small cell lung cancer. This type of cancer is also inoperable. Since then, Desi has changed her lifestyle to live a healthier life, but has not been able to work since January of 2015. Minion is what has kept her going. Minion has not left her side since her diagnosis, and gives Desi the will to live. While interviewing Desi, she told me  “…much like doctors gave up on me, they wanted me to give up on him as well…” Most of the veterinarians that she’s taken him to have suggested euthanasia. We have seen many cases like this, and this case is no different. This dog can live a quality life in a dog wheelchair. Minion does have continence and deep pain. These are good signs that he may walk again. A wheelchair for a dog can be an excellent form of rehabilitation. It will allow him to keep muscle mass and give him the ability to go to the bathroom with dignity. In addition, a dog wheelchair for Minion will allow him to keep us muscle mass in the rear. He will either be able to kick his legs in the leg stirrups as a form of resistance training, or in time, be able to place his rear feet on the ground and use the wheelchair like a baby walker. Please consider a donation. Let’s bless this family and let them know that we are fighting for them too! He also has a facebook page A Miracle for Minion

Minion and his best friends Beaux and Elouise