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Pet Arthritis is unfortunately something we see often in the handicapped pet industry. We have recently come across a new herbal supplement that is sure to bring the downs in your dog, up again!

Inflapotion™ is a 100% organic herbal remedy that reduces inflammation and relieves discomfort in dogs, cats and horses.  When used with Herbal Aspirin™, it has been shown to be as effective as commonly prescribed pharmaceutical medications.  The reparative and soothing herbs in Inflapotion™ may provide relief in as little as 48 hours when used as directed.

The long-term side effects of pharmaceutical drugs can cause serious and irreversible harm.  Traditional veterinary pain relievers like Rimadyl and Metacam have been shown to cause bleeding ulcers and organ damage in dogs. Try the holistic approach. What do you have to lose?

This formula helps relieve inflammation associated with:

  • General age-related aches and discomfort
  • Large breed puppy “growing pains”
  • Injuries
  • Illness
  • Overexertion commonly associated with working dogs and performance horses

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying about Inflapotion!


A while back you posted a link for Glacier Peak Holistics – 100% organic remedies for dogs – I bought some for our 6 year old Maltese “Jack” – he has bad hips, knees – the works – he uses a Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair for long walks – anyway, started him on the Inflapotion and the Herbal Aspirin and the results are amazing after one week. He can get down the stairs by himself and has been running around the yard like he was a puppy! Thank you for the referral – Jack is one happy cat – I mean dog now!!” – Pat from Alberta, Canada


****”Day 3 on Inflapotion and my baby is feeling SOOOO much better. I see a HUGE improvement already. She has a partially torn ACL and she is now walking much better and further than before. I can’t thank you enough and Punkin thanks you too!



*****”I started using Infapotion 10 days ago for my 8 yo Lab with intermittent shoulder soreness after resting. She had been able to walk it off when it did happen but a few weeks ago she limped for 3 days straight. I had already done an Alternative Sensitivity test on her from GPH and was looking at some products. I decided to try this with no expectations. I gave her 3 doses the first and by the 4th dose she did not limp again, seriously! It’s been 10 days now. She’s fit, active and in good health except for the some skin itching I’ve been working on which it why I did the Alternative test. I now think it’s helping her skin because she has not created a new sore from scratching and biting. She is extra spunky too now. I went to 1 dose a day after 3 or 4 days of 3 doses. This is really helping as she getting in to her senior years. Finally something that works for us!”  – Kim Schroeder from Osage Beach, 5/31/2015


*****”I cannot tell you how skeptical I was about this product, but my beloved 6-yr-old Lab has injured all 4 legs and there’s nothing to be done for her. It was painful to see her stiff and limping. Any bout of running will set her back for days. A friend said she’d heard good things about it, so I decided to try it, with no expectations, despite the great reviews here. Within 48 hours, we saw an incredible difference! You could see how she’d perked up, the swelling was down, and she was much more comfortable. She even got playful, which we rarely see! Amazingly, too, we were only giving her ONE small scoop a day for these results! At first she’d gobble it down. After a couple of weeks we started using other mixers with it. We didn’t care for water, but a small bit of olive oil works well, or bouillon (no salt). I think she got tired of the taste a bit, but she never failed to eat it all, regardless, and the results? I just ordered the 2 pound bag, and won’t be without it again. Yes, it’s a bit expensive, but I love my dog, so it’s worth every penny!”  Jeanne Gonzalez from Skagway, Alaska, 3/27/2015


*****”I started with the small size first to see if I thought it would work on my 80 lb 12 year young golden-lab mix. I saw results in the first week so I ordered the small size two more times to see if it would continue to work. Then when the last order ran out I waited a week to see if thier was a difference in how Blossom was getting up and their was indeed. It was obvious that the Inflapotion really does helps with her mobility. Just received the 2lb size and will continue to keep ordering. Yes I would recommend trying it for your dog. Not everything works the same on every dog but this works for Blossom. I also give her an adequan shot once a week and have her on Omega 3. The Inflapotion gives her that extra oomph. She loves to go for walks and feels good enough go twice a day evan 3 times if she can get me to take her.” Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Linda Morrison Goss from Alaska, 2/4/2014


*****”My senior, Claire, had been on painkillers and prednisone for awhile for painful back and discs. If I stopped for any length of time she was at times unable to stand. I was very afraid of eventual organ failure. In the last few months of using inflapotion I have been able to completely discontinue use of the prescription meds. Thank you!” – Chela L., CA