Beaches, Mountains, Rivers, Grass, Snow…In Dog Wheels ANYWHERE they may go!

Dog Hiking in Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

We’ve been asked a lot lately, where can your wheelchairs go? Well, where does your dog like to play? That’s where our dog wheelchair can go. However, be careful of the steep inclines on hills. Whether ascending, descending, or side hilling, you’ll want to position yourself directly behind your dog and be able to grab hold of the top rear part of the frame to prevent tipping over backwards on the ascent, or tipping over sideways on a side hill. If your dog is descending a steep hill, then you need to be behind to help control speed. Safety first!

Do you live near a beach? All you have to do is take care of your wheelchair the same way you’d take care of any other equipment that you own that goes in salt water. Spray off the wheelchair with clean water when you get home. In addition, periodically put a few drops of 3 in 1 oil in the wheel bearings. You can find this at any hardware store.

The frame is made of an aluminum that is stain resistant, so it will not rust from water. If oxidations occurs, the frame can be polished up quite easily with a fine grade steel wool. The wheels are also made with sealed bearings to make them water-proof as well. Just remember the oil every once in a while.

So whether it be over rocks, through streams, down the beach, or just in the backyard, your dog can be a dog again.

Stay tuned for information on skis that can be attached to the wheels of our dog wheelchairs! With this option, your dog will be mobile any time of year!