Shar-Pei in dog wheelchair

“When Bean’s disk ruptured and surgery did not enable him to regain movement in his rear legs I did what I always do – sat at my computer and searched for help.

I researched the medical reasons for his problems, pet physical therapy facilities nearby and dog wheelchair companies that would help him regain his independence and enable us to walk together again.

My criteria for a rear support dog wheelchair were that it be built strong for outdoor activity with a wide wheel base that would support hills and other terrain. We also needed a dog wheelchair that would stand up to salt water since Bean spends his summer at the Jersey shore and walks on the beach every day.

It was also important to get Bean a dog wheelchair for back legs that would enable him to comfortably express himself and eliminate accidents in the house.

After speaking directly with Jason and Sierra multiple times we placed our order and had our chair very quickly. When it arrived we stopped what we were doing and quickly unpacked it, put Bean in the rear support dog wheelchair and encourage him to walk. Bean stood still like his feet were glued to the floor. Anyone that knows Shar-pie understands that they do what they want when they want, period.

We spent the next few weeks making small incremental improvements. First, one or two steps, then to the end of the driveway, then to the neighbors house and finally around the block.

Today Bean walks daily with trips to the beach each morning in the summer and walks around a large block that includes climbing fairly steep hills in the neighborhood during the winter.

He has walked in the Mutt Strut in Cape May NJ (they charge walkers by the leg and we only had to pay for 2 ) and has even returned to running next door to see Daisy (female Wheaton Terrier) if I am not looking. Some things never change.”

UPDATE sent six months later:

“It has now been six months since he received his dog wheelchair and we feel we made the right decision going with Ruff Rollin. The chair has been great even though we run it through salt water in the summer and snow in the winter. We simply rinse it with the hose it still looks great.

One of the most satisfying things for me is when I look at the rear support dog wheelchair and actually see that his tires are starting to showing signs of wear. I realize how far we have come – literally.

Thank you Jason and Sierra.”

Chris – Mount Laurel, NJ