Before You Order, Read This To Understand Why Our Wheelchairs Are The Best Investment For Your Pet!

Hand Built Quality For Your Dog

At Ruff Rollin’ we are essentially just dog owners like you that experienced a problem in the pet care industry and wanted to contribute to offering a solution for it. We noticed that there were lots of companies that made disposable, adjustable, over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all kinds of dog wheelchairs. They were pretty inexpensive, though usually poor quality, made from bulky parts that never really quite fit for any dog. The straps were not strong, the wheels were not tough, and the level of comfort for the dog looked questionable at best.

We set out to make the exact opposite of that kind of set of wheels for our own dogs and once we became experts at it, we created a design that can be modified for any breed of dog, size or shape. A Ruff Rollin’ product is by no means your average pet wheelchair. It is superior in every way. Built from lightweight airplane grade aluminum to withstand even the most active dog, the Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair is custom-made to fit each pet’s dimensions down to the millimeter. It is hand made to the exact shape and size and disability of your dog.

Featuring a hybrid support sling and easy to use mechanical closure system, the Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair provides stress-free support for your favorite furry friend. The proper fit makes it possible for your dog to get the most out of life when rolling in the yard. Though the Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair is more expensive upfront than some of the others on the market, it is undoubtedly the best, most durable product of its kind available and that will typically end up saving you money in the long run. For only the highest quality, most comfortable, safest set of wheels for your pet, Ruff Rollin’ is the number one choice in the maker of superior doggie wheelchairs.

Built From Lightweight Airplane Grade Aluminum

Most of our competitor’s adjustable or one-size fits all wheelchairs are extremely bulky and heavy in their construction and parts. The added weight puts pressure on your already compromised pet, weighing them down and decreasing their mobility. Ruff Rollin’ wheelchairs are not at all clunky or constricting. In fact, they are designed to be extremely sturdy but lightweight, fitting well to support your fur baby at play.

Boasting superb durability due to their airplane grade aluminum frame design and construction, the Ruff Rollin’ wheels are simply superior to anything else on the market. Because of their state-of-the-art design, custom fit, and high level of comfort, the Ruff Rollin’ wheels give flexibility and unparalleled support to your dog so that more of life can be enjoyed with every wear. In fact, these custom wheelchairs are made with an image in mind of every dog being an athlete, so that each and every dog can be as active as they are able.

Made To Withstand Even The Most Active Dog

With most competitor’s wheelchairs, the life of the wheelchair is very short because active dogs can be pretty hard on the components. The low quality parts tend to break down quickly which then costs you a lot of money in the long run. However, the wheelchairs from Ruff Rollin’ are built from airplane grade aluminum that is designed to last a lifetime even with regular to heavy usage. That is why we offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Using only the highest quality parts and accessories, the wheelchairs we make are designed to be used daily over years without needing to be repaired or replaced. Though the Ruff Rollin’ technology costs a little more than the competition’s wheelchairs, our goal is to provide one exceptional wheelchair that works for your furry friend for life instead of you having to buy several disposable adjustable ones during the course of your buddy’s life. No matter how large or small, active or oversized you think your dog may be, our near perfect design will be able to bring the support, control, and ease of use that you expect from an investment of this nature.

Our Custom Built Wheelchairs Are Specifically Sized For Your Pet

Ruff Rollin’ is one of the only companies that builds custom wheelchairs specifically sized to the exact measurement for your pet. This allows us to design a wheelchair that can accommodate the specific needs of your pet no matter what kind of injury or illness may be causing the need for support. Our motto is to build something superior the first time out of the highest quality materials so that even if it costs a little bit more upfront, you save money and time in the long run with repair and replacement as opposed to a lower quality wheelchair.

Most of the other companies create “adjustable” wheelchairs that never fit quite right which can make the dog uncomfortable or result in the wheelchair not working at all. A poor fit can also result in discomfort, pain, or accidents and injuries if a wobbly wheel and an insecure fastener cause your little buddy to come out of the harness while rolling. That won’t happen with our wheelchairs. That’s why we put not just our heart and soul but great parts together, assembled with precision to make simply some of the best doggie wheelchairs available in the world.

Hybrid Support Sling For Comfortable Fit

We strongly believe this is the most important component of the wheelchair, as this is what comes in contact with your dog. Therefore, each support sling is custom made one at a time for each dog. Our hybrid support sling (for dogs over 80lbs) combines the benefits of a closed cell foam leg ring, which provides great pelvic support, with the comfort and flexibility of a soft, durable, neoprene.

This hybrid support sling greatly benefits dogs that still have some remaining mobility, as well as being supportive enough for dogs that have lost complete use of their rear legs. This sling is soft, yet sturdy and supportive. The attachment system that we have put in place limits the “swinging” that can occur with some of these soft neoprene saddles. In addition, we have added support sewn in place in conjunction with the super thick, 4 mm neoprene. This is the first support system of its kind in the industry.

Easy To Use Mechanical Closure System

The user friendly, durable mechanical closure system attaches the support saddle to the frame of the wheelchair and features an easy-to-use button release system. Originally designed for snowboard bindings, these straps and buckles will NOT break. They will also withstand very cold and warm climates.

With no more tricky side squeeze buckles, the push button system allows for easy on and off. You’ll have no more phone calls to make for replacement parts as these will last and last. We’ve made all the trips to the park and the backyard play dates easier than ever with the newly improved easy-release clasp.

Get Started Today

Ruff Rollin’ has spent years designing and creating hand-made, custom wheelchairs for all types of pets all over the world. To support the most famous furry competitors or your neighborhood hotshot, our wheelchairs were developed to be the sturdiest, most reliable, comfortable, and longest lasting doggie wheelchairs on the market. Other adjustable ones simply cannot compare, nor should they be expected to.

We know our products are superior as we designed them to be just so. You may pay a bit more up front for a custom wheelchair, but the money and headache you will save on poor fit, replacement parts, or frequent repairs will more than makeup for it in the long run. Not only will the value of the product be realized in never having to replace it over the years, we guarantee that your dog will be happier and healthier. Since our wheelchairs are built specifically to size and shape and exact measurements, they fit like no other wheelchairs in the world.

If you have some questions about the products or the measuring and ordering process, please give us a call and we can place your order by phone. Or use the measurement guide page to place your order directly through the website. When the safety and comfort of your dog is as important to you as not wasting time and money on inferior products, Ruff Rollin’ is ready to make you the last wheelchair of a lifetime for your family fuzzy fun-ster.