“Jack is a Double-Dapple Dachsund who is in his 14th year with us and has found life exciting and fun all over again since a failed back surgery several years ago that left him paralyzed in his hind legs, requiring a dachshund wheelchair. He has been in many fun races in downtown Denver, CO as part of the Oktoberfest celebrations. Additionally, he loves to venture outdoors and be in our backyard for hours on end just meandering in the grass and soaking up the sunshine. He absolutely loves his freedom. When searching for a dachshund wheelchair that could accommodate such a small dog, I chose Ruff Rollin’ because of the craftsmanship, quality of materials and excellent customer service and support. Any time I’ve had a question, concern or just wanted to say thank you, your staff has been there to assist and with a smile! Your wheelchair has made a sad, unhappy event into a treasured tool that makes Jack’s quality of life the very best it can be. Thank you!”

Long Dog Derby Oktoberfest 2014

Dachshund Wheelchair