Dachshund Wheelchair

No one ever expects to have to see their favorite pet become disabled from an accident, injury, or illness. Yet, it is something that is inevitable when you own a pet for the duration of its life. Eventually, there may come a time when their quality of life is reduced by something unexpected. No matter when it happens, it can a stressful time for both you and your pet.

Specialized Dog Wheelchairs

Ruff Rollin’ has years of experience perfecting the art of making custom dog wheelchairs that are guaranteed to fit any size or shape dog. We specialize in building custom-fit wheelchairs for your Dachshund, no matter how large or small. Traditional adjustable wheelchairs often won’t work for such small or long dogs, so we make ones that are specifically made to accommodate the various sizes and shapes of even the smallest of pups. Getting your furry friend mobile again is our mission, as we know it is yours, too.

Small Dog Wheelchair
Extra Small Dog Wheelchair

Dachshund Wheels

At Ruff Rolin’ our goal is to see your pup’s quality of life restored so that they can get the most out of it while they can. We have already made many custom-fit wheelchairs that are the perfect match for the unique Dachshund body shape. Our customers report the amazing results of how much fun a doggie can have even when living a life that is hampered by an injury. The doggie wheels are made with steel and plastic that can take the wear and tear of backyard play and long neighborhood walks with your favorite companion.

Though there are many companies that offer adjustable wheelchairs that could be useful, we have found that most of them cannot accommodate the interesting size and shape of the Dachshund. That is why we worked so hard to create something that would not only fit the Dachshund’s small frame, but also be comfortable, secure, and safe to assist with all kinds of outdoor and indoor play. A happy dog is a happy home, to be sure. Just imagine seeing your Dachshund rolling around the kitchen again while you cook breakfast for the family.

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Dachshund Back Injury

Back problems in Dachshunds are more accurately referred to as spinal problems. While it is most common for a Dachshund to develop a problem in the middle spine, they can also suffer from injuries in the neck or cervical spine. About one in five Dachshunds may develop spinal issues that can degenerate over time and with age. A back injury for a Dachshund, while not necessarily permanent, can be debilitating for your family pup. Nothing could be worse than seeing your family friend in pain or unable to express their joy as they greet you at the door when you come home from work.

Unfortunately with their long backs and short legs, they can be prone to disc herniation, which can lead to problems ranging from minor back pain to paralysis. There is also a common gene in Dachshunds that creates mineral deposits in their spine that increase the risk of this type of herniation and rupture. However, by using a custom fit doggie wheelchair for support, your Dachshund can be back in the game of life. Since a dog is most happy when they are engaged in play, the custom fit Dachshund will raise their quality of life immensely. Since you want your dog to be happy, having a wheelchair to support them will likewise give you a boost as well!

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Dachshund Back Legs Paralyzed

Keeping your dog on the road to wellness includes having them get proper exercise to keep them from living the couch potato life. When your Dachshund becomes paralyzed from one of these common illnesses, or they suffer loss of mobility from an unexpected accident, the best way to support them is with a custom fit doggie wheelchair made especially for them. Your Dachshund has always wanted to be a big dog, so making sure they can engage with the world is of paramount importance.

When your Dachshund is unable to use its hind legs anymore or while recovering from an accident, a wheelchair can give them the support they need to get them moving again. You can’t keep an eye on them around the clock. A traditional, adjustable wheelchair just cannot compare to the comfort and support of a custom fit one so that safety is assured. Since safe and supported movement assists in the healing process, it is very critical to get a good fitting doggie wheelchair for them.

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Dachshund Front Leg Problems

Dachshunds are not known for their flexibility and dexterity. Even as puppies, Dachshunds find it more difficult to jump, play, run, and walk due to their interesting shape and size. As they age, when combined with health challenges that limit their mobility, their size and shape becomes more of a hindrance. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing your dog plopped down on the couch watching the world go by while they stare longingly at the back yard, unable to go out and enjoy it.

Sometimes your Dachshund might suffer from degeneration of the spine such that it has difficulty using its front legs. For your Dachshund, it is important to be involved in the family fun and neighborhood doggie play, so getting them into a custom fit wheelchair can be just the right fix for the problem. When a spinal injury or degenerative condition begins to reduce your dog’s ability to walk, a hand made solution is available to put the spring back in their step. Just imagine them rollin’ around with that happy disposition, enjoying the fresh air and greenery of the outdoors again.

French Bulldog Wheelchair

Dachshund Hind Leg Problems

Due to their long, often heavy bodies and genetically short and thin legs, a Dachshund is prone to losing mobility in their hind legs. Whether caused by a spinal injury, degenerative back problems, or from an accident, your dachshund may find that it can no longer walk properly or without pain. Restricted motion or paralysis can rob an otherwise healthy dog of what it is that brings them joy. Though it is difficult to manage, some wheels made especially for your dog’s shape and size will give them the mobility they crave to live a fulfilled doggie life.

Using lightweight, sturdy materials that will support your dog safely, your dog could be rollin’ through the neighborhood on a walk with you again. Our easy to use chairs are flexible, supportive, and safe for both indoor and outdoor use, on grass or pavement, and are easily removable for car rides and trips to the park. Getting out and about with your dog has never been easier when you choose a custom fit doggie wheelchair for them. We are all pets owners too, so we have designed the best possible wheels for even the smallest or uniquely shaped Dachshunds.

Dachshund Health Problems

Dachshunds can suffer from a wide range of health problems over the years and with age. Some of the most common problems include back problems, hip dysplasia, knee dislocation, and obesity. All of these issues can affect their mobility and limit the amount that they can enjoy life. From neurological to hormonal, some of these problems can develop over time so they are easily mistaken for normal signs of aging.

However, these illnesses can be eased with the use of a custom-fit Dachshund wheelchair made especially for your dog. Being active can help to reduce effects from obesity and immobility, so keeping them rollin’ is a must, no matter what the ailment. As your Dachshund ages or becomes immobile, you can count on the support of a custom, hand made doggie wheelchair that is designed especially for him or her to assist in making their life fun and active again.

Doggie Wheels For Dachshunds

Ruff Rollin’ has spent years developing and building the best hand made wheelchairs for all types of dog breeds. We begin with getting the exact measurements for each order to handcraft the perfect fit for each pup. Our easy-to-use website will assist you through ordering the right size for your Dachshund. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to guide you through the process of placing your order. Paying close attention to detail while keeping in mind your pup’s particular affliction makes us uniquely suited to creating the most effective solution.

Whether your dog has suffered an injury or has a debilitating or degenerative illness that requires support, our wheelchairs can offer them the life that you envision for them. It is our sincere wish to help you with that quest so that they can enjoy the journey of life that you want them to have. We know how important your furry friend is to you, so we have made it our mission to help dog owners to get the best life for their dogs that is possible. Prolong your dog’s high quality of life by ordering a custom, hand-made Dachshund wheelchair today.