Protect your Dog’s Paws!

If your dog still has use of his or her rear legs, and you are purchasing a dog wheelchair, the wheelchair will come in a walking position. You will place the height of the wheelchair so the rear feet are halfway between tippy toed and flatfooted. This way the dog wheelchair will provide 99% of the support that your dog needs. There is always that chance that his or her feet will still drag, especially the toes. You will want to provide your dog with extra protection with a paw protector, or dog boot. I have found a boot that stays on and protects against abrasions from concrete, rocks, etc… Of course, I have boots in stock that I can put right in with your shipment. Call us for details, but here is some general information on the UltraPaws Dog Boot.



• Ergonomically designed

• Stays on – guaranteed!

• Rugged, flexible, super-grip sole

• Protection outdoors

I carry 3 different styles of boot in 9 sizes. To make it easier for you, all you have to do is measure your dogs foot, and I will decide what style. The reason being, the tiny tiny doggies will only fit into the small Traction boot, while the larger dogs get the bigger, fancier version of the Rugged design. Sizes of dog boots come in sizes ranging from 1″-4″ width.

TractionX-Petite1 1/4"$9
TractionPetite1 1/2"$9
RuggedPetite1 1/4"$18
RuggedX-Small1 3/4"$18
RuggedSmall2 1/4"$18
RuggedMedium2 3/4"$18
RuggedLarge3 1/4"$19

Boots are non-refundable, but I will exchange them for another size. Please return boots in a clean, like new condition to avoid a cleaning fee, or possible non-refundable status.