Evaluate Your Dog

This is an important first step towards helping your dog gain back some independence. We ask that you make an honest assessment of your dog’s overall health, and front leg strength. Get started with our simple two step process below.

Step #1

Overall Health Check

First, overall health should be good. Is your dog eating? Drinking? If there is any question concerning your dogs health, please check with your veterinarian.

We will NOT deny your request for a wheelchair should your dog be in terminal health. However, we do have the right to alter the return policy, and make the purchase non-refundable.

Step #2

The “Towel Test”

Second, determine the front leg strength of your dog. Your dog should be strong in the front legs in order to get maximum use using a Rear Support design. He or she needs to be able to walk comfortably in the front while being supported in the rear.

A simple test for assessing front leg strength is the “towel test.” Use an old beach or bath towel to support your dog’s hind end. The towel can be placed directly in front of the rear leg(s) around the abdomen, or you can cut holes in the center of the towel for the rear leg(s). Walk along side your dog while supporting him or her, keeping the back level.

How did he or she do? Is front leg strength questionable? Signs of weakness to watch for are short choppy steps, stumbling or laying down on the front legs, and splaying the front legs out to maintain balance. If your dog shows any of these signs of weakness, we will want to discuss the option of a Full Support Design.

Step #3 – Measure Your Dog

The next step before placing your order is to take the necessary measurements of your dog. Of course, if you have any questions before ordering, please feel free to call (877) 390-7833 or email.

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