Hand Built Quality For Your Dog

We will hand build a custom designed wheelchair, built only for your dog. We also understand that measuring a disabled dog is not an exact science, so there is a degree of adjustment to ensure  a proper fit.  Our designs include a Rear Support WheelchairFront Support Wheelchair, and a Full Support Wheelchair. Please refer to Evaluating Your Dog to determine which design is best for you and your dog, or call us with any questions.

Hybrid Support Sling (For Dogs Over 80 lbs)

We strongly believe this is the most important component of the wheelchair, as this is what comes in contact with your dog. Therefore, each support sling is custom made one at a time for each dog. Our hybrid support sling (for dogs over 80 lbs) combines the benefits of a closed cell foam leg ring, which provides great pelvic support, with the comfort and flexibility of a soft, durable, neoprene. This hybrid support sling greatly benefits dogs with some remaining mobility, as well as being supportive enough for dogs that have lost complete use of the rear legs. This sling is soft, yet sturdy and supportive. The attachment system that we have put in place limits the “swinging” that can occur with some of these soft neoprene saddles. In addition, we have added support sewn in place in conjunction with the super thick, 4 mm neoprene. This is the first support system of its kind in the industry.

Mechanical Closure System

Easy to use, very durable mechanical closure system used to attach support saddle to the frame of the wheelchair. This is a super nice button release system. These straps and buckles will NOT break. These were originally designed for snow board bindings, so they will withstand very cold and warm climates. The push bottom system allows for easy on and off. No more tricky side squeeze buckles. No more phone calls for replacement parts.

Lightweight, Durable Frame

We hand construct our wheelchairs with a combination of aircraft grade aluminum, as well as a very durable, high density plastic. The result is a very strong, lightweight frame. Your dog wheelchair will come with a lifetime warranty on the frame of the wheelchair, as well as the wheels. The frame is is made with the highest quality aluminum, as well as the highest quality plastic. We will make your dog’s wheelchair according to his build, measurements, activity level, and lifestyle. If we feel we need to increase the plastic thickness, we will. Or we might lighten the frame a little for your elderly dog.