How To Get A Free Dog Wheelchair

There comes a time in the life of a canine when support from a dog wheelchair could be of immense benefit. During rehabilitation from an accident or injury, after an amputation from a congenital defect or debilitating condition, or during the natural aging process are just a few examples of when a dog wheelchair can mean the all the difference to a dog in need. For a dog, mobility is everything. But not everyone has the means to provide every opportunity to their beloved pet.

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About Free Dog Wheelchairs

There is an old saying by Buddhist philosopher Haruki Murakami, which postures that “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” While that motto most certainly applies to humans and our ability to always look on the bright side of life, it can also apply to our pets. If it is possible in any way to support our furry friends by providing them with the best of care in times of pain, then suffering of many kinds can be minimized. All dog lovers want to see their best friends both happy and healthy.

Ruff Rollin’ understands that not everyone can afford the most expensive dog wheelchair when trouble strikes on the home front. That’s one of the reasons that Ruff Rollin’ has partnered with three foundations which will donate wheelchairs to dogs in need. These generous organizations include Mango On A Mission, Joey’s Paw, and Gunnar’s Wheels.

The request process for support can be easy and painless. Just reach out to one of the organizations we work with and get the ball rolling on applying for a free dog wheelchair. Upon approval of your application to your chosen foundation, Ruff Rollin’ will be able to build a custom-made dog wheelchair for your puppy pal paid for by the specific organization to which you applied. That’s it!

Donated Dog Wheelchairs

By working with Foundations such as Mango On A Mission, Joey’s Paw, and Gunnar’s Wheels, you can obtain a perfect support wheelchair or prosthetic for your wounded pup. And when you choose to support these foundations yourself, you can also help others in need to get the support they need for their wounded pup. It’s a grand adventure in ‘Paying It Forward’ for you and your furry friend. The circle of generosity can affect hundreds, even thousands of lives for both pets and their owners.

When conditions are right and the applications are completed, Ruff Rollin’ can custom make the perfect fit dog support wheelchair for your fur baby. Through the benevolent endeavors of companies like Mango On A Mission, Joey’s Paw, and Gunnar’s Wheels, dogs that might otherwise face painful deaths, live short lives before being euthanized in shelters, or live out their days in immobile states, are healed and restored to be able to enjoy normal, happy lifespans. And the joy that these pets can bring to their human best friends is immeasurable. Let’s take a look at these three companies a bit more in depth to give you an overview of their missions.

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The Major Foundations That We Work With

In order to get a free dog wheelchair, you’ll need to reach out to one of the organizations listed below. These are the non-profits that we work with to provide funding for dog wheelchairs.

Mango On A Mission

Mango on A Mission, while not a non-profit, fulfills its mission every day by helping rescue, wounded or severely disabled dogs to get the help they need. Started by founder Judy Walter, Mango On A Mission began like so many other stories, with a discarded, disabled pup adoption. Mango’s back and pelvis were fractured and she was left to die on the side of the road, and then once found, was sent to a kill shelter to await her death.

Judy, Mango’s ‘mom’ worked with Emma’s Rescue to have Mango fitted for a doggie wheel cart and Mango has been rollin’ along ever since! And this story of a little Cairn Terrier has inspired so many others to donate to help similar pets in need, including horses. Nice work for a dog, and for Judy, a retired Veteran living in New Mexico.

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Joey’s PAW

Joey’s Paw is a 501c3 organization located in Butler, PA, which offers partial or full funding to doggies in need of prosthetics or wheelchairs. Joey is a rescue dog that needed an operation on his rear leg. Joey’s family did all they could to help Joey including surgeries, prosthetics, and rehabilitation. Now, Joey’s PAW helps adoptable pups find families, as well as offering financial assistance for dogs with injuries and illness requiring support such as prosthetics and wheelchairs. Through their organization, Joey’s PAW also helps new parents adopting dogs to receive a year of free food from Merrick dog food company.

What makes Joey’s PAW remarkable is their approach to special needs dogs. They focus their service on the joy of caring for a disabled animal. Their heartfelt, compassionate work inspires people to take on the meaningful task of caring for a dog in need. And Joey’s PAW recommends Ruff Rollin’ and our services as highly as we do Joey’s PAW.

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Gunnar’s Wheels

Founded by Jason Walker in New Hampshire, Gunnar’s Wheels has funded over 800 animals for wheelchairs over the last four years. Jason’s goal is to never see an animal put down due to lack of funding for this kind of medical attention and care. Jason and his wife, Stephanie have been recognized as GoFundMe heroes since their original fundraiser out of which Gunnar’s Wheels was born.

Though Gunnar, Jason’s dog and inspiration for the foundation subsequently passed away in 2017 after a precious year of life in a wheelchair, Gunnar’s continues to fulfill its mission to see animals rehabilitate and recover from tragic injuries and untimely illnesses. Jason’s huge heart for animals is evident in the great work he does every day for masters and their pets.

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Reach Out To A Foundation Today

These charitable organizations can help your dog get the most out of life, at no or low cost to you. Don’t let lack of finances keep you from being able to help your dog when the time comes. Be wiling to take on a special needs animal and you will feel joy from the satisfaction of seeing that pup achieve a high quality of life.

Once your dog is fitted for a custom-made support wheelchair, you will be glad you took the time to look to these kind charities for help in acquiring a donated or sponsored dog wheelchair. You can also donate to these wonderful foundations to assist others to do the same. Paying it forward is a reward all its own.

One day of playing with your happy, free wheeling dog will bring a high quality of life not just to your pet, but to you as well. These generous organizations make it possible for you to get what you need for your dog, when you need it, and at no cost to you except the time it takes to make the first phone call.

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