Full Support Dog Wheelchair

No one ever plans for a dog to be disabled at any given time. Yet, for many dog lovers, be it due to accidents, injuries, or illness, dog owners will have to endure seeing their best, furry friends suffer from paralysis, amputations, or complicated and debilitating surgeries from chronic ailments of many kinds. Whether you have adopted a disabled pet, or watched your puppy’s health degenerate over time from spinal or leg injuries, it can be extremely distressing to witness your once mobile fur baby lose capability to walk, run, play, and jump onto the bed to snuggle with you.

About Our Quad Dog Wheelchair

While some dogs may need only temporary or partial wheelchair support after a surgery, others may require lifelong support with the assistance of a full-support dog wheelchair. When needing both front and back legs support for walking, or for four-wheelin’ with the neighborhood canines, your pet might be a great candidate for one of our custom, hand-made dog quad wheelchairs.

We at Ruff Rollin’ are specialists in building the safest, most comfortable full-body wheelchairs for almost any kind of doggie disability. Imagine your fur baby living a full life while rollin’ with her hommies in the hood when fitted with one of our custom four-wheel dog wheelchairs. Achieving that vision for you is our passion, and one that we have perfected over many years of work.

Full Support Dog Wheelchair

Does Your Dog Need A Quad Support Dog Wheelchair?

Let’s imagine the types of scenarios and health issues, which might warrant the use of a full support wheelchair for your dog. Most of the dogs in need that we meet at Ruff Rollin’ suffer from weakness in both the front and hind legs. Whether due to degenerative discs or hip dysplasia, spinal fractures from car accidents, or whether your pet was born with congenital disabilities involving the spine, back, hips, or legs, we at Ruff Rollin’ have literally seen it all. So far, we have yet to find a pet in these cases that could not benefit from the support of a full-support dog wheelchair.

Traditional adjustable wheelchairs ordered over the Internet that are one-size-fits-all are so limited in flexibility that they lack the power to provide the perfect solution for most dogs suffering from these common ailments. Even when fully adjusted, the limited convertibility of these wheelchairs can make them uncomfortable, or even unsafe for your pet if the fit is not just right. That is the reason we at Ruff Rollin’ create only custom, hand-made, full body wheelchairs for your disabled pet made from the best parts and airplane-grade aluminum and steel. The safety and comfort of your pet are our priorities.

When you love your pet, there is almost no limit to which you might go to provide a solution for a better life for your animal. We know how much you care about your dog, and so do we. Our goal is to get your pup mobile again to allow for maximum quality of life to be had by everyone in your family, and especially for your favorite furry friend.

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How To Measure Your Dog For A Full Support Wheelchair

The best quad cart wheelchair made to order begins with proper measurements. The pet mobility experts at Ruff Rollin’ can help you through every step of the process to ensure that when you place your order with us, you will get the best quality quad wheelchair with a full-frame lifetime guarantee. We can always talk your through taking the measurements by phone or by using the measurement guidelines on the website.

Some of the points to note about your pet’s size and shape (height length and width) are the rear height (top of hips to floor), front height (top of shoulders to floor), the length (behind front legs to center point of thigh), width across hips, shoulder width, and the circumference around the chest, abdomen, upper thighs, front legs, and width between armpit to armpit. The more precise the measurement, the better fit the quad cart wheelchair will be for your dog.

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by all of these details for your quad cart. Our pet mobility experts at Ruff Rollin’ can walk or roll you through every part of the process of ordering the best fit in a full support dog wheelchair for your canine friend. With years of experience under our collars, we are fully trained in helping you choose the right wheelchair, get the perfect measurements, and order the best chair available on the market today, custom designed and made specifically for your disabled doggie. Let us show you how easy it can be to get your puppy pal rollin’ along again! For more information on our lifetime warranty or other aspects of our custom built support system, give us a call now!

Full-Support Dog Cart

The Ultimate Quad Wheelchair For Dogs

When we are talking about the quality of life for your pet, you know that no price is too high to pay. Yet, we are all motivated by the natural desire to get the best quality for the best price for anything we buy. We can’t afford to waste money on products that don’t fit, don’t work, or break easily. A poor fit or breakage of your pet wheelchair can result in further injury to your pooch, so we at Ruff Rollin’ live up to our name by making our doggie wheelchairs the roughest, toughest wheelchairs in the business. We guarantee it.

Other companies do not use the highest grade steel and aluminum, nor do they resource the most flexible, lightweight or durable parts to finish the construction of their dog wheelchairs. Though our chairs may be a few dollars more than comparable one-size-fits-all styles, over the years you will undoubtedly spend less money and time by ordering with Ruff Rollin’ as you will no longer have to replace parts or buy new wheelchairs every few years. And our full support wheelchair frame comes with a lifetime guarantee. We provide the security for your pet that only excellent craftsmanship and care can. Excellence is our promise to you and your pet. You can count on it!

Order A Full Support Wheelchair Today

Ruff Rollin’ makes it easy to order your custom-made full support dog wheelchair right through our website. There may be other companies that offer styles of full body wheelchairs, but none of them can boast the highest level of quality as we can at Ruff Rollin’. Between the high-grade aluminum and steel, to the strongest, most durable parts for the wheels and frame, Ruff Rollin’ is considered to be the leader in our field with our custom, hand built designs to suit almost any disability, deformity, or injury.

We at Ruff Rollin’ are available to help you all along the way once you make the decision to fit your beloved pet with one of our fantastic full-body support wheelchairs. Please reach out to us through the website, by email, or by phone so that we can answer all of your questions, help you with measurements, and put your worries to rest about size, fit, and functionality of our products. We know you will love our work, and so will your furry friends! Trust in Ruff Rollin’ to get your pup rockin’ and rollin’ with the best of them for the rest of their lives. We will lift up your pup with wonderful wheels, and we will never let you down!

Full Support K9 Wheelchair