Hand Built Quality

The Ruff Rollin’ Mission is to provide the highest level of service and care before and after the sale. We want to ensure a perfect fit and a successful experience for you and your pet. We will guide you through the process of measuring, ordering, and especially, follow up. When you are inquiring about a dog wheelchair, we really encourage you to do your homework. The quality, design, and function of a dog wheelchair will determine how positive your dog’s experience will be. Ruff Rollin’ dog wheelchairs are endorsed by veterinarians, physical therapists, and most importantly, your pet. Pets in Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchairs can be seen in all 50 states, and 24 countries!

Evaluation And Measuring

If your dog is not able to lead an active lifestyle due to its disabilities, then it’s worth doing an evaluation to make sure your dog is a good candidate for a dog wheelchair. The evaluation will also help you determine which design is best suited for your dog’s needs. Once you have decided that your dog is a good candidate for a doggie wheelchair, you will want to take some measurements, as our wheelchairs are custom built.


At Ruff Rollin’, our wheelchairs are hand built to fit your dog’s needs, weight, and activity level. Our wheelchairs are not “one size fits all.” Your dog will receive a lightweight, durable wheelchair that includes a lifetime warranty and a guaranteed fit. We will also customize it to suit your dog’s specifications or disability. Our easy to follow measuring guide will help you take accurate measurements. We will assess the measurements and make sure they fit the weight and breed of your dog. We’ve looked at thousands of measurements over the years, so we can help guide you through that process as well. We know that measuring a handicapped dog is a work of art, so we will incorporate an adequate amount of adjustability in your dog’s wheelchair. (Some tiny breeds will not receive a lot of adjustment due to the small size of the frame) Yes, we have built wheelchairs for tiny dogs. Our smallest wheelchair to date was for a 1 1/2 lb Yorkie!

Follow Up

We cannot stress follow up enough! This is what can make or break you and your dog’s experience. The number one reason why a dog may not move or take to a wheelchair right away, is a wheelchair that is not fit correctly. Sometimes, it can be the smallest adjustment that makes the biggest difference. It is so important for you to follow up with us after you receive your dog’s wheelchair and have done all the adjustments that are lined out in the instructions. Once you feel comfortable, send us some photos via email, and we will spend as much time as you need to make those small adjustments that might be necessary to your dog’s success. Even if you feel 100% comfortable that your dog loves his wheelchair, and you feel like it fits correctly, we will would still like to give you suggestions to make it even better, or to simply celebrate with you and wish your dog the best of luck with his or her new form of mobility. We are here to help you make memories with your pet! Ruff Rollin’ wants to give your dog the best quality of life, should your dog’s disability be short term or long term. So please feel free to contact us anytime. We love to hear success stories!

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