This beautiful testimony came to me from The Rescue Ranch, a Boston Terrier Rescue Organization. Ruff Rollin’ is the elite. We are where you want to go purchase your dog wheelchair if you want the best. If your dog is your whole life, or if you’re pets are your children, and God forbid that anything should happen to one of them, Ruff Rollin’ is your choice if your dog is facing immobility. Whether it’s long term or short term, our wheelchairs are built one at a time, custom for your dog. And they gosh dang work. They gosh dang are worth every penny, and it’s not just me, the owner saying so. I get these letters all the time. Especially from vet professionals and organizations that purchase multiple wheelchairs. They always come back for more, once they get their hands on our model. It has been designed with perfection in mind, and a durability that will last. Not only durability, but it gosh dang works.

Here is Jessie’s Story

“Hi Ruff,

We’ve ordered several wheelchairs from different companies over the years as a rescue, and y’all have been our favorite and so very nice when we have had to contact you. When we needed a nut for a wheel that had gotten loose, you immediately put one in the mail. We’ve now ordered 3 wheelchairs from you and will be ordering our first full support wheelchair very soon.
I wanted to share with you the story of Jessie.
Jessie came to rescue September 25th 2016 with very severe tissue wounds from dragging herself in the home she was in prior to rescue. Unfortunately, the vet’s believed Jessie had been kicked as a puppy breaking and dislocating her pelvis. Jessie was left to heal that way without medical care and because of the way she healed she was left to always drag the same side of her bottom.
Weeks of care healed the sores, although there was nothing we could do about the paralysis, and in November she was well enough to order a cart.
Jessie was 1.5 years old when her chair was ordered. She’s a Boston Terrier, and as typical of the breed full of energy and personality. She wanted to run and play and chase. The moment her wheelchair arrived in November she took off. She’s fast and balls to the wall racing in her chair. She can keep up with just about any of them. She’s played in the big fields at the rescue, marched in Washington DC, camped in North Carolina, and ran along the beach in Jeykll Island in her Ruff Rollin chair.
We loved her chair so much we ordered her sister Maydell (paralyzed from being struck by a car leading to her surrender to rescue) one to replace the other she had.
Jessie was adopted by the same family who drove a 12 hour round trip to save her. She has two Boston sisters (one of who is also paralyzed) and a new baby pug sister.”

View Jessie’s video here