Large Dog Wheelchair

For the owners of the bigger breed dogs, living large is a daily reality. Anyone who has ever chosen a big dog as a puppy knows first hand how fast that tiny puppy grows into a huge personality. And sometimes the needs of a large breed dog can be equally as huge of a task to accommodate. Suddenly, large bags of dog food, large crates, large fences, and large collars and leashes adorn the houses of those who have ever loved a large breed dog. The car seems too small, the bathtub is much too tight for bathing, and the doorways become a place for games of leap-frog before and after every outing. But for the large breed dog lover, the largest breeds also come with the largest hearts.

About Our Big Dog Wheelchair

Whether your Shepherd was born with a congenital defect or your St Bernard has developed hip dysplasia or degenerative myelopathy, or your Pit Bull is just getting older, Ruff Rollin’ has created a patented design, large dog cart to fit any large breed dog. No matter the size of the disability, Ruff Rollin’ has the right solution to help your large breed dog to get the most out of life.

Ruff Rollin’ is recognized as one of the leading providers of the large and extra-large canine wheelchair in the United States, which means we know exactly how to provide all that your large breed dog could want in mobility. Our hand-built design is heavy-duty and highly durable, made from airplane-grade aluminum steel, so it can take rugged conditions and wear and tear from your tough boy! And though the larger breed dogs do not usually live as many years as the smaller breeds, our goal is not merely quantity, it’s quality; providing the best possible quality of life for your fur baby is our mission, one that we take very seriously.

Large Dog Wheelchair
Extra Large Dog Cart

Extra Large Dog Wheelchair

Larger breed dogs are usually the best working dogs. From guard dogs to retrievers, the average pet to mountain dogs, these animals are bred to work, to assist, to fetch, and to protect. It is especially heartbreaking to see these types of dogs lose their ability to get around when it is literally built into their DNA to be the movers and shakers of the canine world. Through doing their jobs, they please their masters and large dogs are people pleasers, for sure. They must suffer greatly when they are no longer able to fulfill these important tasks for the family to which they are bonded. Ruff Rollin’ specializes in getting your big boy back in action with a custom-built extra large dog cart that can make your best buddy feel useful again.

We at Ruff Rollin’ have never seen a breed too large to benefit from one of our extra-large dog wheelchairs. Because we have designed and manufactured literally thousands of big boy wheelchairs over the years, we know exactly the types of breeds and the common health problems and needs that the larger breed dogs develop. There has never been a large breed dog that we couldn’t help. To date, the largest dog we have fitted for a custom-made xl dog wheelchair was a beautiful 180lb St. Bernard. And you should have seen her back in the game when she was mobile again!

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German Shepherd Wheelchair

German Shepherd Wheelchair

German Shepherds make excellent guard dogs. They are cautious, not particularly aggressive unless provoked, and they are extremely loyal to the pack. However, they love to do their jobs. Their quality of life depends on it. When a German Shepherd becomes disabled or can no longer perform that duty for her family due to old age or illness, she can become despondent and lethargic. That’s when increased mobility can matter the most. And we at Ruff Rollin’ have the experience to build a custom-made German Shepherd wheelchair to give her back the freedom she enjoys. And for you, that means a happier, healthier dog.

Our designs are rugged, durable, and made from high-grade airplane quality steel, so they can support the weight and demand of almost any breed, especially those with busy minds and bodies. We love helping your pet to get the most out of life. Let our pet mobility experts get your pup back out on the playground with a custom-made German Shepherd wheelchair.

Great Dane Wheelchair

Great Dane Wheelchair

Considered to be the Apollo of dogs, the Great Dane has long legs and a longer body, and it can weigh up to 120lbs. You might think that this would make fitting the dog for a wheelchair quite difficult. It is true that a traditional one-size-fits-all adjustable dog wheelchair cannot comfortably support a dog of this shape, and weight. That’s why Ruff Rollin’ specializes in making custom-made Great Dane wheelchairs that will be a perfect fit for your pet!

With the Great Dane’s shorter lifespan and athletic disposition, owners of Great Danes can be faced with injuries and illness after only a few years of their pup’s life. Though bred to be hunters, the Great Dane makes a wonderful city dog, as owners of Great Danes also use them as guard dogs. These gentle giants are excellent companion dogs, and they deserve all the mobility and freedom they can get. Let Ruff Rollin’ help your best friend get the most out of life with a custom-built Great Dane wheelchair. After all, we know how much you love your dog and we do, too!

Basset Hound Wheelchair

Basset Hound Wheelchair

Your Basset Hound is the playful clown of the family. Silly, good-natured, and happy, this breed can live for over a decade. Their statues are short, with short legs and long bodies. Many people have complained that a traditional adjustable, one-size-fits-all dog wheelchair just can’t be adjusted enough to support this oddly built breed. With their rectangular shape and crooked legs, it can be a challenge to keep mobile as they age or become disabled. Never fear, Ruff Rollin’ is here!

We have successfully designed and made hundreds of custom-made Basset Hound wheelchairs for years. So we know first hand how important a comfortable fit for these playful pups can be, and we pride ourselves on making the best Basset Hound wheelchair in the business. Due to their heavy bones and health problems including back issues, hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy or other issues, the Basset Hound can gain weight when immobile, adding to health complications in the future. That’s why keeping them mobile is of high priority when they face injury or illness. They are bred to be hunters, and they are very smart and loyal. When you order a custom-made Basset Hound wheelchair from Ruff Rollin’, you will be able to see your best buddy blossom. The freedom they will have to be able to play, roll around, and enjoy all that life has to offer will bring a higher quality of life to your pet. Protecting their health and extending their lifespans is two of our goals. And after all, you want your pet to be around as long as possible.

Pitbull Wheelchair

Pitbull Wheelchair

Contrary to common negative stereotypes of the Pit Bull, these happy-go-lucky terriers are energetic, rambunctious, and extremely smart. As with all terriers, they mature very slowly and can become aggressive with lack of activity due to their high prey drive. Anyone who has every loved a Pit Bull knows that these misunderstood dogs are loyal and loving. They are so committed to their pack that they can easily get separation anxiety when boarded or left alone. Due to their longer life spans for a larger breed dog, a Pit Bull can experience myriad health issues or injuries throughout their high-energy lives.

Ruff Rollin’ has been successful at matching this breed with strong, durable, custom-made Pit Bull wheelchairs to help almost any Pit Bull to regain mobility after an injury or disability. You can trust us to be able to properly size your Pit Bull wheelchair to help your best buddy get back to rockin’ and rollin’ with every use. Your Pit Bull deserves the best. And we are experts in providing just what you need to support your Pit Bull’s active lifestyle.

Wheelchairs For Other Large Breeds

The pet mobility experts at Ruff Rollin’ make large breed dog wheelchairs for every type of pet. Because they are not just one-size-fits-all, our custom design is always made to order specifically for your dog, with correct measurements to ensure the highest comfort level and ease of use. Whether you have a strong Boxer, a sweet Golden Retriever, a loyal Labrador, or a powerful Rottweiler, we have a custom-made wheelchair to support even the largest or heaviest of dogs.

Ruff Rollin’ focuses on making each wheelchair to be an amazing fit by taking exact measurements, accommodating any type of disability or injury, and fashioning a set of wheels to get your dog back in the roller rink of life. When you order a Boxer wheelchair, your pup can live the high-energy life they crave. With a custom-made Golden Retriever wheelchair, your ball chaser can play just like a puppy again. When you choose a Labrador wheelchair made especially for your best friend, you will see your Lab return to the playful pup you remember. The Rottweiler wheelchair will keep your guard dog feeling like the man of the house, alert and in charge! This is our goal. And we are committed to seeing you and your family benefit from your life with your dog as much as they do. Win-win!

Order A Wheelchair For Your Dog Today

Letting your larger-than-life big boy or girl live a full and rich life with you and your family is our goal. When you choose us to help your pup on their journey, you can roll with the punches of disability or disease with confidence and care. Throughout the process of ordering your custom-made large breed wheelchair, Ruff Rollin’ is here to serve. From helping with proper measurements to choosing the right style to accommodate an injury or disability, Ruff Rollin’ can guide you every step of the way.

You can order your Ruff Rollin’ custom-made large breed wheelchair directly through our website using our easy forms. Or, you can contact us directly by telephone and we can walk you through the process quickly and easily. Our pet mobility experts are here to answer your questions, help you with decisions, and to create the perfect wheelchair to get your larger-than-life buddy back in the ball chasing game of life. Let Ruff Rollin’ show you just how happy your dog and your family can be when you order a custom-made large breed doggie wheelchair from us!

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