Life is Ruff!

Do you want to win $200 cash just in time for Christmas? Here it is. We’re looking for the Ruffest photo of your dog in his or her Ruff Rollin’ Dog Wheelchair. It’s called the “Life is Ruff” photo contest. We are looking for photos for our booth for upcoming trade shows. We want to tell the world that your disabled dog is abled! The winning photo will receive $200 cash! You have until December 1st to get your photo in.

We are looking for the best hiking, biking, running, swimming, or active photos. Get creative! Go to the mountains, go to the beach, or to the trails. Please send the highest resolution photos that you can, as the winning photo has a chance to be blown up and put on a large booth that will travel around to trade shows to speak of the Ruff Rollin’ mission. By entering your photo in the contest, you are giving Ruff Rollin’ permission to use your photo for marketing purposes.

If you are not a Facebook fan, like our page, upload to Facebook, and you will receive likes and extra votes there. Otherwise, email your photo.

We are so excited to tell the world that your dog can still be a dog, enjoying life, even with a disability. Get your photos in before December 1st, and win $200 cash!