One of our favorite photos of Lucky, lifting spirits one wag at a time!

This is Lucky in his Dog Wheels! Here is a short article written about one of our latest builds for a LabX named Lucky. Lucky is a 9 year old, front amputee. This is a Front Support Dog Wheelchair, custom built for Lucky. He is currently a resident therapy dog at Blaine Manor in Idaho. He really has brought a lot of joy to the residents at the facility!

Pet therapy has so many amazing benefits for the elderly and youth alike. It has been proven to provide improved mental health for people by making them happy through holding, petting or even just generating smiles. Additionally, therapy pets can motivate otherwise immobile patients by encouraging them to move with the animal – even if they are both in wheelchairs. They can even help add extra time to physical therapy sessions in order to further enjoy the company of the therapy pet.