Trooper and family friend

Happy Gotcha Day, Trooper! Today marks 3 years since Trooper joined his forever family at, what his mom likes to call, Dysfunction Junction. On Trooper’s facebook page, called Trooper the Love Hound, Jo-Ann tells of endless hours of “poopapalooza fests”, “power puking”, and “ninja pee” humor, enough to make you sorry you didn’t send her a roll of paper towels for Christmas. Remarkably, Trooper is joined by three of his best buds, also in dog wheelchairs, Ralphie, Bunny, and Parcheesi, along with a handful of other furry dog members. There is never a dull moment around Dysfunction Junction. Join Trooper’s page today and share in some laughter and fun.

Trooper, a 5 year old Pit Bull/Plott Hound Mix, was first found dragging himself out of the woods in Tennessee, out to a group of kids, simply craving attention to play. He had succumbed to an injury to his spinal cord and was left paralyzed. Snooty Giggles and Paws NE teamed up to find Trooper a home, and eventually Jo-Ann, and let me mention, her very patient husband, Wells, brought Trooper home.

Trooper has always had a zest for life and can do attitude. There is nothing he can’t do. He loves his dog wheelchair, and “goes insane” when the wheels come out. Jo-Ann has to hide them from him, so as to not get driven insane. But he does prefer to use the no wheels option while around the house and the yard.

Trooper loving life!

Since Jo-Ann has brought Trooper home, she was finding herself wrapping Trooper’s legs at least once a day to protect them from drag wounds. But over time, infection set in, and soon she was changing his bandages three times a day. This persistent infection was soon to become life threatening if the family and team of doctors did not make a quick decision. Last August of 2015, Trooper had both of his rear legs removed. The surgery was a huge success, and Trooper drags himself around the back yard like he never had legs. He also sits in his wheelchair and wheels around like nothing ever happened.


Trooper, Ruff Rollin’ congratulates you on your 3 year anniversary. We are so privileged to be a part of your life. You have inspired us to live life to the fullest and refuse to have a “poor me” attitude. You are a superhero in our book. Here’s to the next 3 years and many more stories of courage.