If you are on our site today, it is probably too late for your newly disabled dog. But there is still a chance for any other pets that you may have. VPI Pet Insurance covers dog wheelchairs. That is great news! VPI Pet Insurance also has some really great plans and coverages for all kinds of ailments, injuries, and wellness care. I just got my two pets covered for $40 a month for both. If anything happens to either of them, they will be covered. This includes any type of injury (also including dog wheelchairs) and any type of illness that might occur. If you are on our web site reading this blog today, I’m sure that you can testify that surgeries, and post-op care can be traumatic to your check book, as well as any type of cancer, pancreatitis, or infections…Or maybe you have a cat like mine that loves to eat rodents or fight with the neighbor cats. Check out the web site at VPI and look at their plans. http://www.petinsurance.com You can customize your plan however you wish. Check out this great testimonial from a client of our’s. Her dog wheelchair was paid in full through VPI!



Meko has a deductible of 100.00 and the first vet visit we met the deductible. So every claim after that we submitted was paid back at 100%. So when I submitted his claim for the dog wheelchair we received 350.00 back. They didn’t reimburse the shipping but they did the chair in full cause we met the deductible and if we didn’t meet the deductible they still would have sent 80% back. So that was great that they did. We had our vet write a letter for us stating that Meko is a dog wheelchair candidate and that he needs a dog wheelchair to be mobile again and we submitted that with the claim for the chair and it worked too.


Meko is doing well. He is trying to walk more now. He has one leg that is more stronger than the other and uses that to push his behind up and stand for you all on his own and he will stand for awhile. The walking is coming along slowly but he can take a couple of steps before he falls back down. But he is doing very well.


Hope all is well over there. And I hope that future patient’s know and realize that choosing ruff rollin will benefit their animal in more than just mobility but in giving the gift back of being a doggie again. So thank you so much. Meko couldn’t have tried to walk without you guys! He is still dependant on his chair but has made so much improvement that if it wasn’t for your wheelchair he wouldn’t be standing or walking right now. Thank you again!”

Have A Great Day!!!


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