“Bandit” Border Collie – Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

In September after numerous trips to my vet, Dr.White, and two trips to Parkersberg Vet Hospital, I made the decision to have Bandit put to sleep. I felt Fate had stepped in for some reason, and it was not Bandit’s time to go. I have had his dog wheelchair for just under two weeks, and this morning Bandit and I walked to the barn to take care of the horses. This is the first time Bandit has went to do the feeding with me since spring. Crystal-Reader, WV Bandit is a very happy 11 year old Border Collie that lives on a farm in WV. His Mom wasn’t sure what the cause of his disability was, perhaps Degenerative Myelopathy. In this case, Mom chose to purchase a doggie wheelchair for Bandit rather than an expensive MRI to find the cause. She was very happy with her decision. -12/15/10