“Duke” Basset Hound – Dog Wheelchair For Back Legs

“Here are some pictures of Duke our little boy. The first pictures of Duke are when he had first came home from Liverpool Village Animal Hospital on 4/25/12 after being there for 3 days getting Steroid injections high doses and he was diagnosed that he probably will never be able to use his back end again due to some type of possible back injury. Duke was very sad and we were so heart broken to see him sit in his kennel all day and night. We felt hopeless. We just couldn’t give up on Duke we knew he has so much life left in him to live a happy joyful life. So, we researched and found Ruffrollin.com and it changed Duke’s life! Once we ordered Duke’s Cart Wheelchair and it arrived, it was so easy to put together and we placed Duke in the cart he immediately took to it and ran off the deck and started running down the driveway. Duke does so well in his cart it fits him like a glove and he is so thankful for your help and amazing work on making Ruff Rollin’ Cart Wheelchairs the best they can be specific to every individual dog. Duke is living a very active life again and seems as if nothing ever changed because of his new Cart Wheelchair. Duke has made so many new friends while walking the neighborhood and Onondaga Park down the street from our home. He now can walk once again with his sister Madison our girl Bassett Hound. Every person that stops circles their car multiple times and then comes back to meet Duke and hear his story and tells us how much they appreciate and thank us for keeping Duke alive and also they commend your Ruff Rollin’ Cart Wheelchair as the best they’ve ever seen. Duke would never have had a second chance at life if it was not for all your hard work with your improved Cart Wheelchair. More Pics to follow ~” “Thank you from the bottom our hearts” – Duke,Madison, Melinda and Pete- Syracuse, NY