Hybrid Support Sling

We are very proud of the performance of this soft, flexible, and very supportive sling. This is the most comfortable saddle in the industry. Prevents swaying, and if fitted properly, prevents the ever frustrating sores in the groin area! We strongly believe this is the most important component of the dog wheelchair, as this is what comes in contact with your dog. Therefore, each support sling is custom made one at a time for each dog. Our hybrid support sling combines the benefits of a closed cell foam leg ring, which provides great pelvic support, with the comfort and flexibility of a soft, durable, neoprene. This hybrid support sling greatly benefits dogs with some remaining mobility, as well as being supportive enough for dogs that have lost complete use of the rear legs. This saddle is a soft saddle. However, it is very sturdy and supportive, providing the same support as other “rigid” designs, but with much more comfort. There is added reinforcement sewn all the way under the pelvic floor region that acts like the “solid leg ring” in the rigid designs, but gives slight flexibility, for added comfort. The added support sewn in place, in conjunction with the super thick, 4 mm neoprene, and the padded leg holes, make this the most comfortable and first of it’s kind in the industry. Most importantly, the attachment system that we have put in place limits the “swinging” that can occur with some of these soft neoprene saddles on the market.