Jett Is Sporting A Ruff Rollin’ Wheelchair In The 2021 Puppy Bowl

While the country prepares for NFL Super Bowl Sunday on Sunday, February 7, we have our eyes on an even more exciting event, the 2021 Puppy Bowl XVII happening at the GEICO Stadium at the same time. Featured on the 2021 Team Ruff and Team Fluff are 6 adorable special needs dogs that will show their stuff at the upcoming extravaganza. Ruff Rollin’ is proud to support one of the star competitors in this year’s event, Jett.

Jett, a Maryland based black Labrador/German Pointer mix, was born without both his front legs. But that did not stop him from learning to love life. Rescued by Pets with Disabilities, he was fitted with one of our custom-made front leg wheelchairs made precisely to his measurements. He has learned not only to walk but to jump with the support of the durable, sturdy wheels that we made for him. Though he was born the runt of the litter, he has shown that he is a force of nature when it comes to getting the most out of life with the help of his new wheelchair, so much so that he is a contender against non-disabled dogs competing in the Puppy Bowl this year.

Jett is a reminder to us all that hardship can build incredible character. His ability to perform at the level of other non-disabled dogs using a custom set of Ruff Rollin’ wheels is also a testament to the strength, support, and reliability of the products we make and sell. It reaffirms that the work we are doing truly benefits the dogs whose lives we touch with our work and we couldn’t be happier to see Jett take to the turf to ruff it up with some other adorable, adoptable puppy players on Sunday.

We at Ruff Rollin’ are dedicated to bettering the lives of disabled animals around the world by fitting them with our custom, hand-made wheelchairs. Being able to witness the indomitable spirit of a dog that gets the most out of life when they have the support they need to run, jump, play, and perform is a great gift to us all. Our work is certainly a labor of love. We hope that you will love seeing Jett out there on the field as much as we will. Watch the 2021 Puppy Bowl XVII for hours of heart melting fun for the whole family.