Trooper And Bunny-Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

Trooper was rescued through Snooty Giggles and PAWS NE. He is a Pit Bull mix and is a special needs dog in that was found paralyzed. He was lucky enough to have been cared for by wonderful loving foster families that helped him land in a very special home where he lives with three other paralyzed dogs in wheelchairs. Trooper is wild in his Rear Support dog wheelchair and prefers wide open spaces to run as nothing contains him and his zest for life. Bunny, who is pictured here with Trooper, is a Yorkie Mix, who is also paralyzed. Ralphie, a Beagle, and Parcheesi, a Chihuahua, also came from PAWS New England. Along with other furry family members, they make up Dysfunction Junction. Please visit their facebook page and follow along with the daily nonsense that occurs in the household. There is never a dull moment, and we encourage everyone to share in some laughter at what has become a beautiful life!