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Husky Mix Front Support Dog Wheelchair

Front Support Wheelchair


This front support wheelchair design supports your dog’s front end only. Your dog’s hind end should be 100%

Step 1. Evaluate your dog. This step will help you determine which design is best suited for your dog’s needs. Click here for evaluation guidance.

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  • Hand built, one at a time, with pride, in Bozeman, Montana, USA
  • Superior design and construction
  • Guaranteed fit, custom built to fit your dog
  • Lifetime warranty on frame

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Select Desired Size

10 lbs & Less $490, 11-20 lbs $515, 21-40 lbs $534, 41-60 lbs $595, 61-80 lbs $635, 81-100 lbs $735, 101-120 lbs $810

  • Adjustable, lightweight, high-strength aircraft grade aluminum frame


Adjustable in length and height, allowing you to achieve the correct amount of weight bearing on front legs

High-strength tubular aluminum has ultimate tensile strength and resistance to corrosion.


  • Two Wheel design with canted struts for  maximum stability


Two wheel design supports only the front end, leaving rear legs free to turn, sit, and move freely


  • Extremely durable, pneumatic (air filled) tires, with high precision bearings


High precision bearings are waterproof, and roll three times smoother than a standard bearing. This means a smooth, comfortable ride for your dog.

Although not air filled, the front wheels are made of a soft roll rubber, with the feel and action of an air filled, without the hassle of replacing tubes.


  • Custom support system


Support slings are custom built to fit your dog’s specific build. Support slings are gender specific, allowing for easy elimination.

Custom support slings are detachable, and built with handles to be used as a handheld support system as needed. For large dogs over 50 lbs, this system proves very useful to get your dog in and out of the wheelchair.


  • Lifetime warranty


All of our dog wheelchair carry a lifetime warranty on the frame. It is very rare, but should any part of the wheelchair frame need replaced, we will do so at no charge, and will also cover the shipping to get the part to you as soon as possible.

Front Support Wheelchair

Dog's Weight Price Shipping*
<10 lbs $490 $45
11-20 lbs $515 $45
21-40 lbs $534 $50
41-60 lbs $595 $50
61-80 lbs $635 $60
81-100 lbs $735 $60
101-120 lbs $810 $80
Color $100
Build Time 1-2 weeks

*Current Build Time is 7-10 business days. Wheelchairs are shipped via USPS PRIORITY unless otherwise specified. Ship time is 3-5 business days depending on your area.


* Custom colors are available for an $100 charge, and can take up to an additional 2 weeks.

** Front Support Wheelchairs require extra time to manufacture and can take up to two weeks to process and ship.

***Shipping to Canada, Hawaii, and Internationally will vary. Please call for quote. In addition, duties and taxes charged by country are the responsibility of the purchaser. We are unable to provide these costs for you, but will label the shipment as a medical device.

Conditions that benefit from the use of a Front Support Wheelchair:

  • Young dogs born with congenital defects
  • Young amputees
  • Rehabilitation after surgery or injury

Often times, with elderly dogs, we will work as a team with you to determine if we might possibly refer you to a Full Support Wheelchair, rather than a Front Support. An example would be a front amputee, with possible rear limb weakness.


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Any Spinal Surgery?

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If within last 3 months, what date?

Fractured Back?

current fractured back, within the last 6 months


If yes, which leg?

Is there a stump left at the amputation site?

Is he/she totally paralyzed?

choose yes if dog is unable to stand or take steps on their own on portion of body affected

Able to take steps?

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Able to stand?

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Measurements Required *

Please take the measurements to the best of your ability, with dog in a standing position for best results. Please see Measure Your Dog Page for proper measurements. PLEASE DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK YOUR MEASUREMENTS, EVEN IF TAKEN BY A PROFESSIONAL. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Additional Measurements for Full or Front Support Wheelchair

These measurements are additional measurements required for the purchase of a Front or Full Support Wheelchair

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