Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

One of the most heartbreaking experiences for a dog owner is the dreaded day when an accident, injury, or illness changes the quality of life of their beloved pet. No one can prepare for how those changes will affect the entire family. Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows first hand that the health and mobility of their pet is of paramount importance to providing a high standard of living for everyone in the household, especially for your pup. You envision a life filled with love and adventures for your dog. Looking for solutions to ease suffering and bolster with support wheelchairs to make that vision a reality is our specialty here at Ruff Rollin’.

About Our Rear Support Wheelchairs

Though many dogs will live their entire lives without the need for medical interventions such as surgeries or treatments, some dogs will need to rely on medication, surgical procedures, and physical support for some or all of their lives. That is where Ruff Rollin’ can be trusted to help.

When your rescue pup or lifelong fur baby suffers an accident, injury, or degenerative disability which requires such support, Ruff Rollin’ has the answers for you. For decades, we have been looked to for our custom-made rear support dog wheelchairs to provide the highest quality of life for human’s best friends.

Rear Support Dog Wheelchair

Does Your Dog Need A Rear Support Dog Cart

While some dogs may benefit from a full body support wheelchair, many animals will only require partial support to the hind legs and lower back. Conditions such as spinal fractures, hip dysplasia, or broken hind legs from accidents or injuries make your pet a perfect candidate for a dog hind leg wheelchair. Deteriorating conditions such as Degenerative Myelopathy or cruciate ligament injuries, which cause weakness in the hind legs can be painful and traumatizing for any animal especially when mobility is restricted for an otherwise active and healthy dog. A rear wheelchair specifically designed for your dog can reliably restore quality of life and mobility in most cases.

Other traditional one-size-fits-all dog wheelchairs can be uncomfortable and difficult to adjust depending on the breed, height, weight, specific deformity, and activity level of a pet. With our patented, hand-made rear support wheelchairs that we specialize in building here at Ruff Rollin’, your dog is assured a custom-fit every time. And a good fit means better mobility, better comfort, and safer travel for your dog.

Who wouldn’t want to see their best buddy rolling around the driveway or yard playing with their companions again? Imagine your furry friend playing ball, running through the grass, and enjoying all that a dog’s life has to offer when fitted with a custom-made rear leg wheelchair made especially for her!

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How To Measure Your Dog For A Rear Support Wheelchair

Ruff Rollin’ has over a decade of practice under our collars making custom designed hind leg dog wheelchairs. So naturally, we are considered the leaders in our field of making the best rear wheelchair for dogs on the market today. Making the best wheelchair fitted just for your dog and his specific disability begins with good measurements. Don’t worry! We can guide your through every step of the process to ensure you know exactly how to get those measurements quickly and easily.

Some of the points to note about your dog size and shape are the rear height (top of hips to floor), the length (behind front legs to center point of thigh), width across hips, shoulders, and the circumference around the abdomen, chest, upper thighs, back legs, and width between armpit to armpit. The more precise the measurements, the better fit the rear support wheelchair will be for your dog. The easy form on the website can help you with each measurement. Or, you can contact us directly by phone and in no time at all, we can walk your through getting the most accurate measurements of your dog.

The Ultimate Hind Leg Support Wheelchair For Dogs

Though many companies make rear support dog wheelchairs, none can compare to the standard of quality which Ruff Rollin’ has perfected. We start with the highest quality aircraft-grade aluminum and steel, combined with top-notch wheels and frame parts. The durability and flexibility of our hind leg dog wheelchairs is unmatched by any other one-size-fits-all wheelchair. Though an off-the-shelf, adjustable wheelchair may cost a few dollars less than our hand-made, custom rear support dog wheelchairs, there is simply no comparison in quality and design to what we have created at Ruff Rollin’.

Because our product is so superior, you will actually save money in the long run on repair and replacement costs, as our products are built to last. The frame also comes with a lifetime guarantee. And because our rear end wheelchairs are the highest quality on the market, your dog will be safe and secure when rollin’ with the hommies in his custom-made rear support wheelchair. A healthy, happy, mobile, and supported dog is our goal for your furry friend.

Your dog is active, playful, fun loving, and full of life. After an injury, during times of illness, or in the end stages of your dogs’ life, those qualities can diminish, especially when your pup has to stay inside, lying on the couch, watching the days go by while her neighborhood buddies play in the yard enjoying the sun and fun. A despondent, lethargic dog can be an unhappy dog. That is why mobility is so important to help maintain a high standard of quality in the life of a dog. Imagine the smile on your dog’s face when they can rejoin the land of the living on the playground of life. We know you want the best for your dog, and so do we. When you order the ultimate hind leg support wheelchair for your dogs, your high expectations of our product and the high level of quality of life you expect for your dog will be met every time. That’s a promise!

Order A Rear Support Wheelchair For Your Dog Today

No one who has ever loved a dog wants to see a pet injured or ill. Every dog owner envisions their pet living the good life, enjoying all the fun and playfulness they can imagine. Most of us work hard to provide the best food, toys, bedding, and the best living conditions for our furry friends. We think of our pets like family members and they often get first priority for fulfilling their myriad comfort needs.

We at Ruff Rollin’ know how much you love your pet, and that’s why we are committed to helping your vision become a reality. When you order a rear support dog cart from us, you will find out just how much we care about the health and mobility of your pet. You can easily order your doggie wheelchair online, or you may call us anytime to ask questions, get advice on measurements, or just to hear the voice of someone who cares as much as you do about the quality of life you desire for your fur baby. A good dog is a friend for life. And we at Ruff Rollin’ are your friends for the duration of that life. You can count on us to make your dog wheelchair just right for your dog. That’s our guarantee to you.