Return Policy

Ruff Rollin’ Return Policy

We sincerely hope that your new Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair will benefit your dog and add comfort and quality of life like no other wheelchair on the market. If for any reason you or your dog are not happy with your purchase, please let us know right away. If your dog is having trouble using the chair it is often a fitting issue.  We can help you with any adjustments that can be made to make the wheelchair more comfortable. If at that time, you decide to return the wheelchair, you may do so within 10 days of receiving it for an 80% refund on the cost of the wheelchair. Full Support and Front Support Wheelchairs are non-refundable, and any wheelchair for other than a dog are also non-refundable. In addition, please bear in mind that we have the right to alter any return policy due to ailing health of your dog, especially terminal health, such as cancer. Unfortunately we cannot refund the cost of the shipping or any cost of custom color. Please call to let us know you will be returning the chair so we know when to expect it. All that we ask is that the wheelchair be returned clean and undamaged; the same way you received it. Please understand, it can take up to two weeks to process a refund.Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help your dog.

Lifetime Warranty

Your wheelchair frame comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, with the exception of normal wear and tear on the support saddle, harness, stirrups, and tires. However, we are happy to offer and discount on replacements.

Accessory Items Return Policy

Accessory items are non-refundable once worn. Exchanges can be made for wrong sizes. Please return accessory items in a clean, like new condition, to avoid a 10% cleaning fee.

Front Extension Return Policy

Front End Extensions, sold separately, are non-refundable.

Please note that we reserve the right to alter any return policy refunds due to returned items that are not clean, or damaged. Please let us know that you will be returning an item, so that we may give you proper instruction to do so. Thank you so much for your understanding.