Small Dog Wheelchair

Anyone that has ever loved a pet knows first hand the difficulty of watching a pet lose mobility. Whether due to illness, injury, congenital defects, or simply due to old age, the suffering our pets experience can be heartbreaking to witness. The image of your dog romping and playing like a new puppy fills your mind with longing, and all you want to do is relieve your pet’s suffering and restore your dog’s quality of life.

About Our Wheelchair For Small Dogs

While there may be other companies that sell adjustable wheelchairs for all sizes of dogs, Ruff Rollin’ specializes in custom-made wheelchairs designed especially for your dog. The main complaint about the one-size-fits-all approach is that those wheelchairs just don’t fit so many of the smallest dog breeds. No matter what type of dog you love, Ruff Rollin’ will help your pup to experience life as only you know they can with a perfectly sized wheelchair to suit their needs and disabilities.

Imagine your best friend being able to roll around the patio and driveway again, feeling the sunshine on her coat, the breeze in her fur, and playing with the neighbor dogs just as she did when she was young. Or think of how your rescue pup with a paw amputation could still have a spring in his step by using a custom-made small dog wheelchair. Ruff Rollin’ is recognized as one of the leading providers of small and extra small canine wheelchairs in the United States. We know exactly how to bring a high quality of life to your dog with our little dog wheelchairs.

Small Dog Wheelchair
Extra Small Dog Cart

Extra Small Dog Wheelchair

Because our doggie wheelchairs are custom-fit and made to order, even the smallest of breeds will find comfort while rollin’ in our designs. Tiny dogs can be especially difficult to fit, but we at Ruff Rollin’ haven’t found a dog yet that we can’t serve! Our custom-made small dog wheelchairs are guaranteed to support even the smallest of pups. From the 1 ½lb Yorkie to the 10lb Shih Tzu, all extra small dogs will enjoy life while rollin’ with their hommies in their custom-made wheelchairs. Other adjustable-style wheelchairs just cannot compare to one that is properly-suited to fit your particular extra small pet.

Whether your dog has an injury, illness, or Degenerative Myelopathy in the hind legs, Ruff Rollin’ has the right solution to help your extra small dog’s disability. There is no reason for your dog to miss out on life’s adventures anymore when you order a custom wheelchair for extra small dogs from Ruff Rollin’. A full life awaits you and your best friend.

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Dachshund Wheelchair

Have you always thought that your pup must be too long, too short, or too small to benefit from wheelchair support for their particular disability? Ruff Rollin’ dispels that presumption every day with a perfectly fit wheelchair for your tiny dog. We specialize in wheelchairs for even the most complex dimensions of dog. Our Dachshund-made wheelchairs are guaranteed to work with the long, short bodies that are unique to Dachshunds.

If you can imagine your Dachshund at their best, enjoying life to the fullest, we can make that dream come true. Other one-size-fits-all styles just cannot be adjusted enough to be comfortable for these interesting shapes and sizes! Your weiner dog needs a special wheelchair to make him mobile again. Our Dachshund dog wheelchairs can mean the difference between your pup living a life confined to the couch, or Ruff Rollin’ with the big dogs in the yard. We at Ruff Rollin’ have made thousands of extra small doggie wheelchairs, so you can trust us to bring the bounce back to your Dachshund’s tennis ball of life!

Pug Wheelchair

Pug Wheelchair

Your Pug is your pal. Why not give her what she needs to enjoy life just like the neighborhood Shepherds? She wants to play, run, jump, and wrestle. But her disability or injury keeps her sequestered in the bedroom, staring out the sliding glass door like a fish in a glass bowl. There’s never been a Pug we couldn’t fit with our custom-made Pug wheelchairs designs.

Why should your Pug feel left out of the fun? Designed specifically for her size, her shape, and her affliction, Ruff Rollin’ has a Pug wheelchair guaranteed to get her back in the game! Let us help your Pug pup experience all a dog’s life has to offer with a design just right for her. Your Pug’s bedroom prison becomes a proverbial paradise of play when she’s plugging along with her playmates in her Pug wheelchair. Have you ever seen a Pug smile? We have! When you special order your Pug Wheelchair, you’ll be treated to seeing that smile on her face every day as she rolls around the living room with ease.

Corgi Wheelchair

Corgi Wheelchair

Corgis are famous for their tiny legs and big hearts. Those who own Corgis know first hand how much they love to run, jump, play, and live large even with their small statures. From ball chasing to jumping off the patio to fetch, the Corgi is a big athlete in a tiny body. Adjustable puppy wheelchairs just can’t be adjusted enough to fit this interesting breed. Nor are they rugged enough to withstand the type of exercise for which the Corgi yearns. This is no couch pillow of a breed. It is a great companion dog and deserves to be mobile along life’s ride with you.

How do we know so much about Corgis? We at Ruff Rollin’ have designed custom-made Corgi wheelchairs for years. We’ve literally seen it all and know exactly how to design and build a durable, flexible fit for your Corgi’s wheelchair. You will see your Corgi back in the race with our custom-fit wheelchair for small dogs. Won’t it be fun for you and your Corgi to enjoy all that life has to offer? Don’t let a disability keep this breed down. Let us lift your Corgi up to meet their big dog companions eye to eye! After all, your Corgi thinks he’s a big dog anyway! Why burst his bubble? Let him dream big and we will make those dreams come true.

French Bulldog Wheelchair

French Bulldog Wheelchair

Your French Bulldog tries to keep up with the biggest of breeds. With short legs and round bodies, the French Bulldog’s spirit is willing, but sometimes the flesh can be weak! Having a disability, your French Bulldog can exhibit feelings of lethargy and boredom. They want to play! They are not mere lapdogs. They can be extremely feisty and fun as every French Bulldog owner knows.

Using a custom-made French Bulldog wheelchair can bring the verve back to your very playful French Bulldog. After years of building perfectly sized French Bulldog wheelchairs, we at Ruff Rollin’ have the experience to create exactly what your furry friend needs to put the snap back into their step, or slide! When you order a custom-made French Bulldog wheelchair from us, you can rest easy knowing that your French Bulldog will no longer have to sit on the sidelines watching the days go by while all their companions enjoy the play game of life!

Doggie Wheelchair For Other Small Dogs

Everyone knows that dogs and humans are best friends, and we want to see you AND your dog living the life you envision. Whether you love a Lhasa Apso or Shih Tzu, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier, or a mini-Dachshund, Ruff Rollin’ has just the right design to fit your dog’s shape and size. No matter the disability, Ruff Rollin’ has a dog wheelchair to meet your specific needs. Our designs are rugged, flexible, and perfectly handcrafted to fit the funniest of your furry friend’s style. With years of experience under our collars, Ruff Rollin’ is considered the leader in dog wheelchairs and we live up to that honor with each and every order.

There is no dog too small or too large to benefit from the mobility that only a custom-made wheelchair can bring to your pup’s life. Don’t let an aging or disabled dog sit on the couch for another day. Let Ruff Rollin’ get you and your dog back on the playground of life. After all, you want your best friend to be with you all the time. And they want that, too! From the car rides to the backyard romps, regardless of injury or illness, let your pup roll with the punches and keep up with the best of them!

Order A Wheelchair For Your Small Dog Today

Ruff Rollin’ makes it easy to order the perfect custom puppy wheelchair, so let us help you get the ball AND your dog rollin’ today. Whether you are looking for a custom made set of wheels for your tiny toy pup, or a back leg wheelchair for your aging dog, we are here to help! You can order right through the website, or give us a call directly and we can walk you through the entire process from measurements to delivery.

Looking for a custom made wheelchair for another type of pet? Don’t worry – we can do it! From cats and goats to house pigs and mini-horses, no job OR pet is too small or large for us. We can help any type of pet to enjoy the life you envision for them. And for you, that means you can rest easy knowing your pet is healthy and happy getting the exercise and playtime they need. Contact us today and we’ll have your pet rockin’ and rollin’ in no time!