A beautiful story sent by the family of Louise, who lost their girl after a long fight with Degenerative Myelopathy. This tells of how a little boy interprets the loss of a pet.

“A man and woman created a great family. They had a couple of great kids and a wonderful dog. The dog was very dedicated and provided years of companionship, fun and joy to the family.

Over the years the dog became ill. The parents learned from the vet that the dog was not going to get better. They were torn and did not know if they could introduce the burden of this into their kids lives.

As time passed the parents realized it was time. They decided that they would keep the burden off their kids and tell them after the fact.

While the kids were away, the parents had that wonderful dog put to sleep. Upon their return they gathered together and the parents broke the news. The parents said “our doggie was very sick and was suffering. So we had the dog put to sleep. Now it is with God in doggie heaven.”

The parents held their breath…..the parents were very afraid that the youngest kid would not take it well ……..after learning the news and with some time of contemplation the youngest said “well, ……………….I don’t know what God wants with all those dead dogs anyway! ……. Can we go out and play now?”

Well, we are so very sad to say that God received another great doggie Sunday night. After 12 years Louise couldn’t see herself clear of the weight of old age and all the burden it brought

She is in no pain, she is running free now and will stay forever young……

We love you all!”

Gracie, Elizabeth, Amy & Jim