Diablo is doing great! He loves his cart and we are very happy with it. He has not lost a bit of competitiveness with my parent’s dogs while playing ball. He also has started to work cattle with me again. He is much happier since we have gotten the cart.

– Zac

“I am in love with your product. There were no defects, shipping was so quick and assembly was, for the most part, very painless! (Having to adjust the height was really the only tricky part. The instructions were so helpful though! We were able to secure a perfect fit.) Not to mention the excellent customer service! You really should be proud of your company.”

– Lea

“my husband was EXTREMELY impressed with the quality and the workmanship of the way the chair was built!! He is a licensed general contractor and generally feels that he can build a better mousetrap (which he usually does), but he was sincerely impressed by the quality of your product!!! I’m sure you hear it all the time, but thank you again for what you have given my little boy!! Having his independence back and being able to walk with his Greyhound brother and sister means the world to him!!! You guys are awesome!!! Keep up the good work!!”

– Charlene

“We are very impressed with the lightness and quality of the chair. Thank you.”

– Glenn

It is with heavy heart that we inform you of Louise’s passing on Sunday evening. She lived a wonderful long life (12 years) and there is no doubt that her sweet heart would have left this world many many months ago if it had not been for the mobility that Ruff Rollin provided her. She has not walked on her own in two years. For the first few months of her infirmary, we took her around the neighborhood in a wheelbarrow. It was something, but was not anything that would keep her healthy and alive. We were blessed to discover Ruff Rollin after much internet search and since February of 2011 with the help of her “bike”, she has been rollin around the neighborhood, taking road trips, swimming in lakes and enjoying life. She is now running free but she will always be thankful for the life that you afforded her. With great appreciation

– Amy, Jim, Elizabeth, Grace, and Louise

Here is a short article written about one of our latest builds for a LabX named Lucky. Lucky is a 9 year old, front amputee. This is a Front Support Wheelchair, custom built for Lucky. He is currently a resident therapy dog at Blaine Manor in Idaho. He really has brought a lot of joy to the residents at the facility! Check out the link! http://www.mtexpress.com/index2.php?ID=2005135234

– Lucky

Her little cart is fabulous!  That thing rolls over just about everything!  She can motor along in it really REALLY well!   I just love it.  We would have had to put her down by now w/o this cart.  For one thing, her quality of life.   With the cart she can feel ‘normal’ and I can tell it really perks up her mood.   She gets very playful after being in her cart!   Her mood is uplifted and she enjoys getting to go for walks w me.  I take her for short ones down the sidewalk and across our street and back.  She loves it.   She is beginning to figure out she can RUN in it!  Too cute for words!  I try to keep her to do it more.  It’s adorable!

– Jodi

The cart is just marvelous!   LIGHT!   EASY TO USE!!  OMG!     FOUR MONTHS INTO HER WHEELS AND SHE’S LOVING LIFE! Thanks!!!

– Mike

“He is doing GREAT!! He loves his chair.. We take him to the dog park and runs pretty good with it.. Thanks so so much .. ”

– Jeanie

“Hi…just wanted to let u know that we got bailey’s wheels today. This purchase was not an easy one for us financially but it was so very worth it. The chair looks very nice…great quality. we were very nervous to out Bailey in it because she hasn’t been off the floor in over a week but she did so well. She was mobile within a couple of minutes of being put in the chair. It was amazing and I cried almost the entire time she was up. It was just so great to see her up again and she was so excited. The only downfall is that she is driving me crazy wanting to be up…and I have to get up very early for work…ha ha. She was like a kid in a candy store… I am so happy and I can’t thank you enough for giving Bailey her mobility back! Thank u from the bottom of my heart…”Mariasa -Carey, OH   update on Bailey sent December 20, 2010 “Your chair has been such great therapy for her…I honestly don’t think she would have ever regained any function without it.” update on Bailey sent April, 2011 “Here we are now, it’s April (7 months later) and she is doing Amazing!!!! Bailey has been out of her wheels for almost 2 months now! She is definitely not 100 percent…she is still weak on her back right side and had difficulty walking on slippery surfaces (like hardwood floors), but she is able to get up and walk on her own again.”   “Hey sierra… As you know Bailey’s initial injury was in September and she lost complete and total function from her hips back. She was down for an entire week before she got her wheels and after about 2 months she started to swing her legs a little while in the chair. Then she progressed to moving her legs a little with them out of her stirrups, but she couldn’t move her feet…they would drag. She kept doing well and eventually she could move her feet but still couldn’t support herself/stand without the chair. Bailey just kept on trying and has gotten a little better/stronger week by week. Here we are now, it’s April (7 months later) and she is doing Amazing!!!! Bailey has been out of her wheels for almost 2 months now! She is definitely not 100 percent…she is still weak on her back right side and had difficulty walking on slippery surfaces (like hardwood floors), but she is able to get up and walk on her own again. She can run again too…even though she is a little clumsy now if she goes to fast. We are not able to keep her down…she comes and goes as she pleases now. We have you and Jason to thank for all of this! If it weren’t for you and your products, there is no doubt in our minds that Bailey would never walked again and we would had to have said good bye to her way to early. It is because of you that she has been able to rehab and gain her independence again. We were happy…and would have been happy…to just have her up and moving in her chair…so you can imagine how happy we are that she is able to be out of it now! Buying Bailey her chair was one of the best things we could have ever done for her and I can’t emphasize enough our gratitude. Thank you for helping to give back a quality of life…and once again independence to Bailey. She is so happy…and she loves being able to chase the cats again. She usually knocks a few things over in the process because she doesn’t stop as easily/quickly as before…but she is definitely happy! Thank you both once again for allowing us to keep Bailey in our lives…and for helping her to walk on her own again. We wouldn’t have her here today without you! ”

– Matt, Mariasa, Logan, Conner

“Sending you pictures of sweet Mango in her chair!  I can’t believe the quality of her new chair.  It fits her perfectly but I will let you be the judge from this picture!  When I took her outside and put her on the ground, she was off exploring.  To get most of these pictures I was chasing her.  What a difference with your new chair.  I will continue to promote your company on her FB page.  In her old chair (not a Ruff Rollin’) I had to entice her to move but not now. Lol.  She was full “Steam ahead.”” Thank you so much!  May God bless you both for dedicating yourself to these special babies. Judy and Mango

– Judy and Mango

“If I could have taken a picture of the sparkle in my dog (GSDX) Mindy’s eyes when she realized that those wheels where giving her the freedom to move, run and play ball again, it would have said it all! She had become depressed because of her Degenerative Myelopathy and was not able to chase squirrels or play ball anymore and Ruff Rollin’ changed all that for her. She was sick for 1.5years with DM and she used her wheels for the last 9 months of her life and you could have sworn they were as good as her legs. It made the last months of her life humane, comfortable and fun. It was totally worth the investment. She outlived the usual prognosis of 6 months and I am sure that her happiness with the wheels as well as her natural treatment contributed greatly to this. We miss her greatly but we are comforted that we did the best we could with her until the very end. I highly recommend Ruff Rollin’ – they took the time to answer all my questions and Sierra was very patient and caring. And the wheels are very well made – we received many compliments by neighbors – she truly was a very cool dog!”

– Nancy Brandsma

I had to send you a little clip of my HAPPY little boy!! This was taken literally less than 60 seconds after we put him down in it!!! He literally ZOOMED off (as you can see in the clip). For the rest of the weekend he walked right along with his big brothers and sisters when we took them out!!! We finally had to put a leash on him because we couldn’t move fast enough to catch up with him!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! I haven’t seen my little one this happy since his accident!! He is free and moving on his own again!! We couldn’t be any happier!! Follow YouTube Video Here!

– Charlene

Hello Sierra and Jason, As you can see from the attached pictures of Desi, he is happy with his wheelchair.  We feel it has really helped to rehab his walking ability.  After using it for about 2 ½ weeks, he is starting to walk very well on his own.  He gets tired but is soon ready to go again!!!  We are really glad we found you folks and the Ruff Rollin’ wheelchair!! We will keep in touch.

– Larry and Phyllis

My dad retired from the railroad – he was the diesel shop foreman and then in charge of project planning – so, he has a very mechanically inclined mind. I always say there is nothing he can’t build or fix, so I knew he would find the cart design interesting. He said it was, “pretty dang cool” and looked it over really close and was very impressed. He liked the way the harness snapped in to the frame and all the different adjustments that are built into it so the fit can be “tweaked”.

– Jami

Brita loves the mobility she has with your cart!

– Dr. Kerry Fisher

Sierra, Thanks for supplying Herbie with a custom fit wheelchair.  Leo and Sheri brought Herbie to see me last week in his new wheels.  He was getting around like he was born with wheels.  I’m sure Pooh is watching Herbie, barking and smiling from the rainbow bridge!  Thanks for what you guys do for dogs; it has created smiles all around!

– Van

Hi Sierra, Oh my gosh, Dee Dee loves it! Because she has gotten so weak from inactivity it is taking her a while to get strong enough to really be independent in it since I get scared she will fall forward if she trips or gets tired. I gave her a couple days break from it since she seemed stiff but today she really kept wanting to keep walking around the yard so I brought out the chair and she started spazzing out trying to get into it and kept pulling to walk in it before I could get her attached to it. The thing I like best about it for her is that it’s really rehabilitating her. Because her back feet fold over when she walks sometimes and she criss crosses them, the chair gets her nerves to remind her brain how she used to walk. So when she’s not in the chair she’s stronger, more confident with walking and her muscle memory is much better. Thanks again so much for what you do…giving freedom to dogs!

– Sunde

“Here are some pictures of Duke our little boy. The first pictures of Duke are when he had first came home from Liverpool Village Animal Hospital on 4/25/12 after being there for 3 days getting Steriod injections high doses and he was diagnosed that he probably will never be able to use his back end again due to some type of possible back injury. Duke was very sad and we were so heart broken to see him sit in his kennel all day and night. We felt hopeless. We just could’nt give up on Duke we knew he has so much life left in him to live a happy joyful life. So, we researched and found Ruffrollin.com and it changed Duke’s life! Once we ordered Duke’s Cart Wheelchair and it arrived it was so easy to put together and we placed Duke in the cart he immediatley took to it and ran off the deck and started running down the driveway. Duke does so well in his cart it fits him like a glove and he is so thankful for your help and amazing work on making Ruffrollin Cart Wheelchairs the best they can be specific to every individual dog. Duke is living a very active life again and seems as if nothing ever changed because of his new Cart Wheelchair. Duke has made so many new friends while walking the neighborhood and Onondaga Park down the street from our home. He now can walk once again with his sister Madison our girl Bassett Hound. Every person that stops circles their car multiple times and then comes back to meet Duke and hear his story and tells us how much they appreciate and thank us for keeping Duke alive and also they commend your Ruffrollin Cart Wheelchair as the best they’ve ever seen. Duke would never have had a second chance at life if it was not for all your hard work with your improved Cart Wheelchair. More Pics to follow ~ Thank you from the bottom our hearts,”

– Duke, Madison, Melinda, and Pete

Hi Ruff, We’ve ordered several wheelchairs from different companies over the years as a rescue, and y’all have been our favorite and so very nice when we have had to contact you. When we needed a nut for a wheel that had gotten loose, you immediately put one in the mail. We’ve now ordered 3 wheelchairs from you and will be ordering our first full support wheelchair very soon. I wanted to share with you the story of Jessie. (For even more see her # on Facebook, #JessiesStory) Jessie came to rescue September 25th 2016 with very severe tissue wounds from dragging herself in the home she was in prior to rescue. Unfortunately, the vet’s believed Jessie had been kicked as a puppy breaking and dislocating her pelvis. Jessie was left to heal that way without medical care and because of the way she healed she was left to always drag the same side of her bottom. Weeks of care healed the sores, although there was nothing we could do about the paralysis, and in November she was well enough to order a cart. Jessie was 1.5 years old when her chair was ordered. She’s a Boston Terrier, and as typical of the breed full of energy and personality. She wanted to run and play and chase. The moment her wheelchair arrived in November she took off. She’s fast and balls to the wall racing in her chair. She can keep up with just about any of them. She’s played in the big fields at the rescue, marched in Washington DC, camped in North Carolina, and ran along the beach in Jeykll Island in her Ruff Rollin chair. We loved her chair so much we ordered her sister Maydell (paralyzed from being struck by a car leading to her surrender to rescue) one to replace the other she had. Jessie was adopted by the same family who drove a 12 hour round trip to save her. She has two Boston sisters (one of who is also paralyzed) and a new baby pug sister.

– Jessie’s Story

“We love the wheelchair and can tell it is very well made. I can tell that Jack’s hind legs have gotten stronger since he’s been using the chair.”

– Joanie

“He’s excited to see the chair and is always ready for a walk. The chair is Sam’s new favorite toy…Chasing cats, squirrels and rolling over my foot….we really do think the product is well built.”

– Josh

” I wanted to thank Ruff Rollin” for such an excellent product. One of my client’s dogs suffered an cartilagenous infarct and was unable to walk on her own for months. Being a large Rottweiler this was a difficult situation. Your cart helped her with her recovery by giving her mobility while she regained her ability to walk on her own. She even played fetch while using your cart! My client is very grateful and said she was extremely pleased with your customer support.”

– Mark J McCloskey DVM

“We’re enjoying our walks together and are super excited about her progress! We’re so happy that she can get out of the house because of her chair! Thanks for everything!” Update on Toss-Up sent April 2011 “I’ve been meaning to write you an update on Toss-Up. She is fully recovered from her surgery and back to 100% mobility due in large part to her wheelchair! The vet was amazed at her recovery! He said her bone healed perfectly, adding that it was the best he had seen! He said the chair had to be the reason! We were so excited! Also, Toss was able to regain her ability to walk the full 4 miles within three weeks after her release from vet restriction because she was able to exercise during her restriction time post surgery. I have my friend back! She runs, jumps, and plays as she did before her knee injury! Thank you for your care and support as we adjusted. You two are the greatest!”

– Elizabeth

“it was easy to get him in and out of the chair, and I’m quite happy to see the quality construction.” “I am quite impressed by your customer service!”

– Will

Hello Jason & Sierra, Noodle (our mini Dachshund), has had a miraculous recovery and no longer has to use the wheelchair. She has regained the full use of her hind legs. We ordered the wheelchair after the vet told us that she wasn’t in pain and that she probably wouldn’t regain the use of her hind legs. She did use the wheelchair for approximately 3 weeks before slowly starting to regain the use of her hind legs. While using the wheelchair she had no problem getting around. The vet said that it was possible that she could have a relapse in the future. We certainly hope that isn’t the case. Thank you for making a great product and taking an interest in your customers.

– John and Darlene

Legolas was getting very mopey with his bad hips but now he’s back to being the active guy we all love. We have a farm and he is back to herding our goats, chickens, turkeys, and can even follow the horses allover the rocky AZ terrain. Again, thank you guys so much for making this chair for him. You’re amazing, and I cannot thank you enough!

– Michele

“Thanks to you both for all the help you have given me. You seem genuinely interested in what you do and that it is done well. It has been a pleasure talking to each of you.”

– Hope

“I cannot tell you how much easier you made our lives… now we get to spend that time walking and sniffing and watching rabbits run around. It might sound silly, but it’s a very big deal and I am extremely grateful!”

– Shannon

“Now it’s like he’s (Tidbit) got legs again!! he can’t wait to get in it. he flies around the house like he’s on a sled going downhill. you can tell how much of a better fit it is! it’s actually perfect. He is learning to really love his chair. he runs around the house like speed racer to find the treats that I hide. Its very cute! I’ll be honest I was really questioning whether whether or not I had made the right decision at the vet’s office. he was looking so sad all the time and his quality of life just wasn’t there. Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for making such a difference in his life. I cried when I opened the box and that doesn’t happen very often! I’m a business owner as well and I want you to know you guys have the best customer service ever and the best chair on the market today. You guys are the best. Tidbit wants you to know that he is one satisfied customer!!!!  🙂

– Sherri

Sierra!!! Oh. My. God!!! Sierra, I put him in it and he just blasted off! Like he’s been in the thing forever. I can’t thank you two enough! We went up to the cabin in the mountains here in AZ because he loves it up here, and we thought it might boost his experience. He was in and off! No figuring it out, not scared, his tail was wagging (which he can’t do when walking by himself because he uses it for balance), his head was high, I was bawling my eyes out all day! I took pics and video that I’ll send tomorrow and call you- but in the meantime- THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

– Kassy and Aaron

“In September after numerous trips to my vet, Dr.White, and two trips to Parkersberg Vet Hospital, I made the decision to have Bandit put to sleep…I felt Fate had stepped in for some reason, and it was not Bandit’s time to go…I have had his wheelchair for just under two weeks, and this morning Bandit and I walked to the barn to take care of the horses. This is the first time Bandit has went to do the feeding with me since spring” Read the rest of Chystal’s Testimony

– Crystal

“You guys are life savers. Your making a tough situation so much better to deal with. I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated. I really believe Bella is gaining strength just by using the cart. She has been walking quite a bit on her own the last two days now. It’s a difficult walk for her but she looks happy. Her biggest problem is learning to slow down. She has one speed and it’s fast!!! As a matter of fact, she took off after a neighbors cat yesterday on our walk down the road and I had to run after her to catch up. The cart stayed upright with her in it. Now that was a good test. Bella does love her Ferrari!!! That is one super nice cart.” Hello Jason and Sierra, I want to thank both of you for being there when we needed help the most. Belladonna is doing remarkably well since she started using her new wheels. She is walking on her own again in the house going after the cats as usual. Just being Belladonna. But when we go out for “walkabout”, her wheels are her freedom. I swear I see her smile. On December 4th of 2010, we were playing catch in the yard. She came in the house for a drink of water and without warning, her back legs quit working. She had ruptured two discs in her spine. I had two choices. Either have surgery or say good bye. Anyone that has been through this knows how awful it is to see their best friend in such pain and unable to walk. Obviously, I opted for the surgery and gave up buying anything for myself. The cost was unbelievable but she was number 1. We got through it with the help of a terrific Vet who specializes in therapy along with her wonderful assistant. They got her through the worst part of this. She regained the use of her back legs even though the surgeon who operated on her was skeptical because she had no deep pain in her back end. I borrowed a cart from them that was made by another company. The cart was helpful but she really did not do that well in it. The wheels were not canted enough and she had two very bad rollovers while doing what she likes best. That’s moving fast !!! The wheels on her “RUFF ROLLIN” cart have passed the test with five stars. Her new cart is like the Ferrari of cars. She’s taken off on me more than once and has stayed upright with me running behind her screaming like a crazy woman for her to stop. And she looks pretty cool in it! The saddle gives her great support unlike the one on the borrowed cart in which the neoprene used on it was extremely thin and flimsy. You know, at first, I thought what happened to Belladonna was like the end. I never imagined one of my own ever becoming a special needs dog. But it was just the beginning of a new chapter. She has become her old self again plus more and I really believe the cart has given her all that. She is more spoiled and rotten than ever and “oh so loved”. She looks at me with those eyes of gratitude and knows I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her up and going. She is a Red Healer after all and I think she has healed me in the process. I am so grateful that there are people out there like Jason and Sierra. Without them, the world of animals like Belladonna would be dreary. Because of them, Bella has gotten her “happy” back. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and paws, Kathleen and Belladonna

– Kathleen

“After using the Ruff Wraps for the past 3 months I feel they are great quality and truly make moist heat therapy for our patients safer and easier than other methods.  Some owners want to use electrical heating pads which should never be an option for a pet as you are dealing with an electrical wire and unsure of the heat.  Prior to using the Ruff Wraps we used the gel heat pads and uneven heating in the microwave was a big concern. Beyond their many uses and safety, I love the customer service I always receive with Ruff Rollin’.  I couldn’t be happier and all of my clients that have used them so far are very satisfied!”

– Dawn Gleason, DVM, CCRP

“My criteria for a chair were that it be built strong for outdoor activity with a wide wheel base that would support hills and other     terrain…It has now been six months since he received his chair and we feel we made the right decision going with Ruff Rollin.”

– Chris

Lacey absolutely loves her set of wheels and plays and chases the other dogs while in her chair!! I am waiting to hear how things went this weekend with Pickles and her chair . When I first brought the chair to her, we put her in it at the hospital and she just loved it! So when she gets some room to run at the tech’s home, I bet there is no stopping her…… I appreciate all your help and understanding. You guys and your product make it an absolute pleasure to use your wheelchairs. Thanks so much Diane

– Lacey and Pickles

Hi Sierra Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Bear’s continuing to improve. He just started being able to pull his right hind leg all the way through to his midline (vs. being stuck underneath his hip) yesterday so that was really exciting. Could not have done any of this without the cart (and especially the adjustable length slings…will write you an email with more detail re: how helpful they are for actual rehabilitative work vs. a support structure that cannot be readily adjusted while in use) so I’m very grateful.

– Amy

“My running partner, high-energy weimaraner was hit by a car and as a result had to have his femur reconstructed. Sierra and Jason’s kindness, efforts, and product set up my outdoor loving dog with a wheelchair that allowed him to go on walks and still be mobile. This was a blessing for my dog and my sanity. Sierra and Jason took the effort to get know the needs of my dog and myself. I’d work with the Christofferson’s again anyday!”

– Kristin

“WOO-HOO! Our sweet Danny just had his first walk around the neighborhood in over a year! It was so amazing to see him out in the world sniffing at the bushes and doing what dogs do. We couldn’t be happier for him and for us. It is so wonderful to have our dog back to enjoying life to the fullest. He seems to have a look of such happiness on his face and pride in his accomplishment of walking again. He has regained his dignity and independence, this is no small thing for a proud German Shepherd. Thank you so much for all that you do for dogs and their families. Danny will be tired out and have happy dog dreams tonight. We can’t wait to try again tomorrow. Thank you again for your help and support throughout this process.” update on Danny December 2011 “We have taken Danny to the beach near Malibu a few times now, with great success. The wheelchair manuvers so nicely in the wet and dry sand! Everyone on the beach stops to admire our lucky dog. It is a joy to see him so happy and involved in life. The happiness he brings others by just being himself, overcoming his obstacles, is priceless. People stop us all the time and ask about his chair, we can’t say enough about your product and your customer service.” Thanks again for your help-

– Catherine and Tom

We are mainly using the wheelchair to help him rehabilitate his hind legs and for support while he is outside. He has a hump in his back where the injury occurred, so the wheelchair provides added support and peace of mind for us while he is wandering around. It also helps keep him positioned so he is using his leg muscles more and has better posture while he’s walking. (He doesn’t look so hunched up.) He has adjusted to it just fine and can get around fairly well on the gravel and in the grass.  Buster is back to his old self with wanting to play with our other dachshund and his tail wags all the time now.

– Buster

We are mainly using the wheelchair to help him rehabilitate his hind legs and for support while he is outside. He has a hump in his back where the injury occurred, so the wheelchair provides added support and peace of mind for us while he is wandering around. It also helps keep him positioned so he is using his leg muscles more and has better posture while he’s walking. (He doesn’t look so hunched up.) He has adjusted to it just fine and can get around fairly well on the gravel and in the grass.  Buster is back to his old self with wanting to play with our other dachshund and his tail wags all the time now.

– Buster

Hi Sierra! We already have lowered to the last holes on the wheels and dropped the seat a little…we put the ladder strap all the way in…she is as snug as we can get her and she is in control of the cart.  She can turn around, stop, start and do whatever she wants in it.  We have been doing lots of short “runs”…she has one speed unless you try to get in front of her then she has super speed to beat you.  We are trying to build her up for a visit to Petsmart where everyone knows Canine Comfort Zone and “our kind of dogs”…

– Pat

“We’ve recently purchased a wheelchair for Athena. So far so good! Pictures to follow soon! the wheelchair is from Ruff Rollin in Montana. It’s very well put together and Athena took to the wheelchair very quickly! Jason and Sierra, the proprietors, were absolutely awesome and worked with us through the entire order process to make sure we got exactly what Athena needed.”

– John

Bluto has really been scooting around in his wheels! I think he mostly enjoys being able to go outside, be in the sun, and sniff around. Noticed that since being in the wheelchair he tries to use his back legs more, which the Doc says is great. His quality of life has improved enormously thanks to your wheelchair. Please know that we are all very grateful.

– Mathew

You guys do an awesome job- I follow you on FB all the time. I can’t thank you enough for giving my sweet Lilly a better quality of life .

– Cheryl