Bailey in a Ruff Rollin’ Dog Wheelchair

Bailey is a 10 year old Rottweiler who came to us with a spinal embolism and was in need of a rear support dog wheelchair. We worked very closely with the owner to find the right dog wheelchair for her. After a few months with the rear support dog wheelchair, Bailey was able to regain some mobility, strength and eventually walk on her own.

Hey Sierra… As you know Bailey’s initial injury was in September and she lost complete and total function from her hips back. She was down for an entire week before she got her rear support dog wheelchair, and after about 2 months she started to swing her legs a little while in the wheelchair. Then she progressed to moving her legs a little with them out of her stirrups, but she couldn’t move her feet…they would drag. She kept doing well and eventually she could move her feet but still couldn’t support herself/stand without the chair. Bailey just kept on trying and has gotten a little better/stronger week by week. Here we are now, it’s April (7 months later) and she is doing amazing!!!! Bailey has been out of her dog wheelchair for almost 2 months now! She is definitely not 100 percent…she is still weak on her back right side and had difficulty walking on slippery surfaces (like hardwood floors), but she is able to get up and walk on her own again. She can run again too…even though she is a little clumsy now if she goes to fast. 🙂 We are not able to keep her down…she comes and goes as she pleases now. We have you and Jason to thank for all of this! If it weren’t for you and your products, there is no doubt in our minds that Bailey would never walked again and we would had to have said good bye to her way too early. It is because of you that she has been able to rehab and gain her independence again. We were happy…and would have been happy…to just have her up and moving in her dog wheelchair…so you can imagine how happy we are that she is able to be out of it now! Buying Bailey her dog wheelchair for rear support was one of the best things we could have ever done for her and I can’t emphasize enough our gratitude. Thank you for helping to give back a quality of life…and once again independence to Bailey. She is so happy…and she loves being able to chase the cats again. She usually knocks a few things over in the process because she doesn’t stop as easily/quickly as before…but she is definitely happy!  Thank you both once again for allowing us to keep Bailey in our lives…and for helping her to walk on her own again. We wouldn’t have her here today without you! Sincerely, Matt, Mariasa, Logan, Conner, and of course Bailey 🙂