Often times, I get the calls from customers asking many questions, including “What are the differences between your dog wheelchair and your competitor’s dog wheelchair?”, “Why are your wheels canted?”, “Why do you use a soft saddle?”


These are great questions. I do my best to answer them kindly, and patiently, often times over and over. In fact, I gladly answer any question that you throw at me. Furthermore, I hope you are doing your homework. I hope you are calling every dog wheelchair company and asking all the hard questions, because your dog is worth it.


Here is the reason. You are building a relationship with the person on the other side of that phone. I spoke with a woman today who is being very careful about who she chooses to build her dog a wheelchair. Up until today, we have been talking about the technical pieces of the wheelchair. “How far do we need to cant the wheels?”, “What size wheels are we going to use?”, “My dog is very active, how can you guarantee that this wheelchair will hold up in the woods?”


But at the end of the conversation today, I left her with this note. This is a relationship. This is what I am selling. Your dog is 4 years old. That means that you and I are most likely going to be working with one another for the next 6-8-10 years. We will be here for you for the rest of your dog’s life. We will not be closing down, leaving the country, or changing ownership. When you call in need of a replacement harness because your dog just ate it, it will be me that picks up the phone. When you call in 4 years needing new tires, wheels, or a buckle, it will be me that answers the phone. I will ask you how “Blue”, or “Sassy”, or “Pickles”, is doing. We will talk about how he or she chased after the mailman yesterday. We will laugh together. And then when the inevitable happens at the end your best friend’s life, we will cry together. So you want to make a connection with the person on the other side of that phone.


We want you to call us. We want to meet you, hear about your dog, get every detail that we can about the way you and your friend live your life. This only makes you more comfortable in your purchase. You simply can’t build an intimate relationship like this over a computer alone.


Moral of the story. Do you know what the gal told me on the phone today? She said, “No one has said that to me before. I have called every dog wheelchair company, and no one has expressed this purchase in that way before.” We make it personal. We take it personally. Your best friend is our best friend. We build dog wheelchairs, but most importantly, we build relationships.