Remember the couple that had purchased a dog wheelchair from an online auction site because it was a “good deal” ?  Well, good news; they were able to return the chair and ended up purchasing a Ruff Rollin’ Dog Wheelchair. We were very humbled that she would go to the trouble of returning the chair (the company was very professional about accepting the return), and came back to us for a new dog wheelchair even though it was more expensive than the first dog wheelchair she purchased. I know, quite a mouthful. To make a long story kinda short, we fitted Cash to his new dog wheels in a Montana blizzard, and away he went! I had to run down the street with him to even get a glimpse of the fit. It was fantastic! If you have never seen a dog on wheels, this one is worth checking out. Just so happens we have a video of Cash on the website. Check it out. So what’s my point to all this? You get what you pay for. Spend a little extra money on your dog’s wheelchair; he or she will appreciate it.