We are all trying to save a buck or two when we can in this tough economy. But when it comes to dog wheelchairs, I think you have to be careful. We just had a very nice couple and their dog come by for some help with a newly purchased dog wheelchair from one of the more popular online auction sites. Even though it wasn’t a Ruff Rollin’ Dog Wheelchair, we were happy to offer any assistance we could. They got a great deal it seemed at first, but after making the necessary adjustments, it was clear this chair was not a good fit for this dog. And chances for a refund or even an exchange were slim.

A good fitting wheelchair for your dog during this time of crisis is crucial. A reputable and honest manufacturer should provide good follow up service and ultimately provide your dog with the proper fitting dog wheelchair. If you do decide to go for the “great deal”, make sure someone from the company you are purchasing from will be able to help you with the proper follow up. Also, look at the return policy carefully. I’ve seen some pretty shady policies out there, so look over the fine print. Finally, stay away from buying from private individuals. I’ve seen a lot of folks get burned on those purchases as well. In short, going the cheaper route can cost you not only your hard earned money, but also a lot of time for you and your dog. Your dog’s comfort and health is what’s at stake, so be careful of those “great deals”, and keep them doggies rollin’!!!